August 16, 2022
Small Businesses ideas You Can Start On Your Own

50 Small Business ideas You Can Start On Your Own

Small business ideas: When you think of ideas to start a business with, your mind needs to consider that your ideas will be improvised. You could be having many small business ideas, finding the right one could be a task in itself. You might also want to keep your idea unique, for which you will have to do your research in that specific domain.

Many successful small business ideas are originated from people who were doing a similar job for somebody else. With the right idea and passion, you can own your own small business with small business ideas.

List of Best 50 Small Businesses

Here is a list of 50 small business ideas which you can start on your own:

Child Care Services or Babysitting

1. Child Care Services or Babysitting

If you like being around kids, have free time in the evenings and enough space in your house, you could start a child care business from your house. You could also go to the family’s home to babysit the child. Earning easy money especially on a Friday or Saturday evening could be quite exciting.

Freelance Writer

Freelance Writer

If you are good with your words and have decent writing skills, you can start your own writing business. You could offer your content writing services to businesses on a freelance basis. Many companies look for articles, product or service descriptions, content in the form of stories, print copy, and website content amongst many content services. With the right talent and skill, you could easily be offering these services with the help of a computer and internet services.

Detailing Services or Car Washing

Clean things and having a need for accuracy is what you need for this business. You would not need to handle lots of complex equipment or require business acumen to run your show. Your job would be to meticulously clean cars inside and out. Many people are willing to pay for services like these. You can set up your business in a simple location or can also travel to clients’ to provide services to them.

Rent out a Room in your Home

If you have an extra room in your home, you can turn that into a ‘bed and breakfast’ room. There are a lot of people, especially youngsters who visit places on a tight budget and look for home-stays. If you live near a tourist destination then you can also rent out your extra room through Airbnb or

You can even find paid hosting opportunities in your community through which you can host exchange students or visiting faculty for close-by college or university.

Home Contractor or Repair Services

5. Home Contractor or Repair Services

Having some experience with basic home repair or work experience from a company that is in-home repair or contract work domain can help you start your own repair services. You can handle simple repair jobs, like fixing a broken piece of chair, basic plumbing, and basic electrical jobs, for homeowners.

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Gardener or Lawn Care Specialist

Some house-owners want access to fresh produce from their own garden and would not mind paying somebody with the knowledge about it. You can help people with their vegetable or flower garden if you have knowledge about how to grow them in your area. You would need some equipment and transportation to get this started.



Based on your experience and expertise, you can start your own blog and write on various topics. You need to have a flair for writing to create your own content. You will need a computer, internet connection and dedicated time to write every day.

Virtual Assistant

Being a virtual assistant, you can offer many online services to professionals and businesses. They could be organizing task lists, social media scheduling, email organization, and bookkeeping amongst others. You can provide all these services sitting at home with a good internet connection on your computer.

House Cleaning Services

House Cleaning Services

For many people cleaning their houses could be a mammoth task. You can start your house cleaning business by providing these services to the ones in need.


You can simply start delivering small packages from one person to another and charge a fee for that and start your own courier services. You can also handle errand services like picking up lunches and delivering at the respective offices or picking up laundry or dry cleaning. Depending on your resources and abilities, you can either do it locally or in different cities.



If you have training in accounting, you can start your accounting business with individual customers.

Social Media Expert

Having good knowledge of social media can help you become a social media expert. You can offer social media-related services to different businesses and manage their social media presence on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest amongst others. Many companies hire social media experts on contracts for their accounts and allow these social media managers to work from home.

Homemade Cookies or Energy bars

homemade cookies

Your love for baking cookies can help you start your own venture. Many people look for a variety of options and trust home-bakers to provide good quality cookies and energy bars as they prefer homemade products more than packaged foods sold by big companies. You can try unique and delicious cookie and energy bar recipes and then start selling them in professional-appearing packaging. This business has a lot of potential as people will never get bored of eating good cookies.

Ecommerce Resellers

Technology empowers us with opportunities to buy and resell the products from some extra cash. You do not even have to make these products.  Many people are already buying local and in-demand products at a lesser price and reselling on sites like eBay at higher prices, making profits out of the reselling. You do not need business experience to run this show.

Decorating and Baking Cake and Cupcake

Decorating and Baking Cake and Cupcake

If you love baking and want to show your art at the same time, making cakes and cupcakes could be your potential business. You can decorate cakes and make them on orders for social occasions. Many people look for custom-made cakes and cupcakes for special events and birthdays and these could be your customers.


If you live in an area that experiences lots of snow during winter, you could start your own snow plowing business. You could invest in plow equipment and attach it to your pickup truck or Jeep. If you plan to start small, you can begin with clearing driveways and walkways with a shovel or a snowblower.

Dog Walking

Offering dog walking services to pet owners could be a great way to earn money. These services are generally availed by dog owners who do not have enough time to take dogs on walks daily or regularly. You just have to pick dogs from their addresses and have to take them for long walks. It can be a good way for you also to stay physically active.

Website Designer

Website Designer

Knowledge and experience in website designing can help you start your business as a web designer. You can design websites and other web collateral like emailers as well. Many companies need a basic web presence and are on a tight budget. You can provide web design services to them and maintain their websites for a nominal fee.

Designing and Creating Custom Clothing

You can sew and design clothes for people for their special events. Many people find it easy to make custom clothing for babies and toddlers and sell them online through sites like Etsy or eBay. Apart from selling online, there is also an opportunity to sell these clothes offline. If your interest lies in clothing for a different age group, you can even start with that.

Pet Sitting

For pet owners to plan trips, it is essential to ensure that their pets will remain in safe hands when they are out on the trip. With such concerns, you can help them by willing to go to their home and take care of their pets. In some cases, people prefer having a qualified sitter and avoid sending their pets to a professional.

Cleaning Services for Businesses

Many civic institutions and businesses require personnel to clean their offices and common areas outside the regular business hours. You can start your cleaning business with an opportunity like this.

Personal Chef

Personal Chef

Many people wish to eat healthy food but aren’t able to because of time constraints. You can get hired by these families as a personal chef and go to different households and cook meals for them. Depending on your preferences, you can start your own cooking business.

Event Planner / Coordinator

Many families and businesses like professionals to handle their events. You can plan the entire event for them if you like doing events or have some experience in this field. You can take charge of the whole planning and coordination, and organize events as per your clients’ needs.


If you love music and want to play it for others, you can easily become an event DJ. Music is an art and if you understand what party music needs, then DJing should not be difficult for you. You will need the technical equipment required to professionally play in parties and events.

Exercise Coach

Many people prefer personal exercise coaches than regular gym trainers. If you are in a good shape and focus on health and exercising more than others, you can start giving your advice professionally and start charging for it.



If you like cooking, you can try different recipes to increase your menu and launch your own catering business. You will have to take the orders in advance and plan your timings accordingly to cater to your clientele efficiently. You can start with small gatherings, and with more experience and knowledge, expand to bigger events

Making Jewellery

Lots of patience and a meticulous eye for details could help you start a jewelry business. You can pick raw material according to your choice and create beautiful pieces out of them. These pieces could be sold in a local store, craft fairs or online on sites like Etsy or Amazon.

Interior Decoration

Interior Decoration1

If interior designing intrigues you or you have studied the same, you can become an independent interior decorator. Designing homes is a personal thing for many people, and they need to be just perfect for them. Many of these people even understand design but cannot implement it, this is where you can help them decorate their ideal home. You can start targeting small homes and gradually shift to the decoration of bigger properties.

Pet yard Clean up

Many people find it difficult to clean up their pet yard’s waste. It is tiring for some, and for others, it could be disgusting. These people often need somebody who can do this clean up on a regular basis.

Knitting or Crocheting

If you like knitting or crocheting or quilting and love making blankets and sweaters in beautiful patterns, you can take this hobby as a business opportunity. You can sell them online on Etsy or Amazon and even take custom orders from your clientele.

Landscaping Services

Landscaping Services

Trees and bushes in lawns keep on growing. If you are okay with mowing lawns and trimming bushes and trees, you can take up the job of helping people keep their lawns in the right shape.

Making Furniture

If you like woodwork and have the necessary equipments, then you can easily start your furniture business. You will need some space to store the wood and create furniture pieces. With some technical skills and creativity, you can easily run this business. Along with creating furniture pieces, you can repair and mend existing furniture items

Grow and Sell Produce

If you like growing vegetables or fruits, you can easily use this hobby as a business proposition. With the aim of selling this product in a grocery store and at the farmers’ market, you can grow vegetables and fruits accordingly. You can plan your product according to their favorable months to grow and suitably decide where and when to sell them.

Pet Grooming

Pet Grooming

If you like a pet, you already know a lot about grooming them and hence, making a business out of it would be easy. Many pet owners find it difficult to find time to groom and maintain their pet’s hygiene standards; you can take up a job like this and make money out of it.

Editing and Proof-reading

With exceptional grammar and strong English skills, you can work as a proof-reader from home. Many companies who deal in content, need writers and proof-readers to deliver high-quality content, you can contact companies like this to get started.

Antique Refurbishment

People who love antique items can easily start something like this. You can look for worn-out antique items and take them with you. By investing some time in them, you can transform those items into something great and then resell them at a profit.

Making Scrapbook

Making Scrapbook

You can assemble scrapbooks for people who either do not have time to do so or do not have the creativity to get the best results. Using the right ideas and materials, you can make customized scrapbooks or Gift cards for people who are willing to pay.

Videos and Photographs

Your hobby of taking photographs and capturing videos can be easily transformed into your business. Many people need such services for events like birthdays, office parties, or anniversaries and transform great moments of their lives into beautiful memories. With a decent camera and editing software on your laptop, you can take these assignments.

Senior Citizen Assistance

Senior Citizen Assistance

Many people these days do not have time to take care of the needs of their elderly parents or grandparents all day. For this reason, they hire help to ensure that the elderly are able to live properly and are assisted at all times. You can help these senior citizens with simple chores like cleaning their rooms, making food for them, and assisting them to use the washroom, amongst others.

Personal Assistant

Many sites like TaskRabbit allow you to take up small business ideas that other people find difficult to finish on time. These common tasks could include dry cleaning or making dinner.

Alterations and Sewing

Alterations and Sewing

You can offer services to repair garments if you know how to use a sewing machine. Many people need basic tailoring services and a service like this would be highly appreciated if given properly.

Become a Life or Business Coach

Many people need help in making their professional and personal skills better. If you like encouraging people to improve and become a better version of themselves, you can use this passion of yours as a business opportunity.

Computer Repair

Computer Repair

If you like opening up computers and understanding the hardware, you can easily take up a computer repair job. Your technical knowledge and expertise could transform a hobby into a business opportunity.

Soap and Spa Products

With time and patience, you can learn how to make great homemade soaps and spa products. If you like making them already then it would be simpler for you to start this business. You can customize them, in terms of color, size, texture, and fragrance according to the requirements of your clients and sell them both, offline and online.



If you have majored in a subject like Maths, History or English and have patience with children then you can tutor them in particular subjects. You can call the students to your place or even visit their places to tutor them and help them grow academically.

Give Music Lessons

Your knowledge and passion for playing a musical instrument or singing can help you start your own business. You can give music classes to the ones who need them.

Resume Writing Service

Resume Writing Service

If you can help people in crafting great resumes that assist them in getting jobs, you can consider resume writing as a profession. You will also need great writing, editing, designing, and proofreading skills to create the perfect resumes.

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Wedding Planners

Many busy people these days do not have the bandwidth, creativity, and management skills to plan their own weddings. Many people look for such services. You can create a basic online presence about yourself first and promote yourself as wedding planners.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing

You can help businesses to grow their sales numbers and promote their products.


Knowing multiple languages can help you start your business of translation services. Many businesses need help converting documents and content from one language to another, you can target them to start your business.

These are some common small business ideas which many people have used or are using to set up their own business. You can use these or improvise them into a different idea according to your needs.

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