July 19, 2024

Best Work From Home Jobs We’ve Found in 2022

Work From Home Jobs: In this era of digitalization, having a job no longer means having a routine from 9 to 5, as more and more people rely heavily on working from home today. A study by FlexJobs and Global Workplace Analytics even shows that the number of freelancers has increased by 115% since 2005.

Best Work From Home Jobs

Working from home comes with its perks. Not only do they help you earn more, but they also enable you to do so on a schedule that suits your busy life.

Unfortunately, if you have been looking for work opportunities at home, you already know that there is a big problem. It is difficult to find a legitimate work-from-home job because, frankly, a lot of scammers and fraudsters are available online bringing easy money-making schemes. 

In this article, I’ll try to help you to find the best legitimate job which you can do from home to start earning money online. There are no shaded MLM schemes. We’re talking about real jobs where you can earn at least $ 10 an hour or much more if you got some skills.

Freelance Writing:

Who doesn’t like to work from home and earn real money? Freelance writing is one of the best ways to achieve this. It also offers one of the fastest returns.

Writers remain high on demand as they are intended to write news articles, create content, and generate creative ideas that fill the pages of almost any website. Many big companies have their in-house editors, but the cost of maintaining is too high so more and more sites are outsourcing their content and hiring freelance writers and content creators. 

If you have some writing skills, you can start writing for newspapers, online publications, corporate sites for bloggers, and more.

Freelance writing

How Much Do Freelance Writers Get Paid?

As I mentioned before, freelance writers can make a decent amount of money. It depends upon the quality of their work, the level of experience they have and the niche in which they write.

At the initial stage, most freelance writers earn between $10 and $50 for a 500 to the 1000 word article. After a while, writers usually increase their rates and many earn more than 6 figures a year.

This really is a great way to earn extra money because you can work as many hours as you like. Better yet, you can work from home or anywhere with an internet connection.

How to Find Freelance Writing Jobs?

Writing jobs can be found online in different places. Think about it, every website needs someone to write content. From commercial websites to a blog post, content writers play an important role. 

Websites like Upwork.com, Freelancer.com, and Media Bistro list independent writing projects. To get hired you probably need to have a strong portfolio of past work or at least some writing examples to add to your resume. 

If you are on LinkedIn, it’s a great platform to generate regular leads from a high-paying client. The first step before pitching to a client is to find the right connection. 

Let us see how you can find leads on LinkedIn, assuming that you have chosen Digital Marketing as your niche, we are going to search for “Digital Marketing companies in New York”. There is no need for you to specify New York or the city you are residing in. Once you click on search for the above term, it will show you a page like the below picture.

The fourth tab has a dropdown called ‘More’, click on Companies which you will get from that tab. It will show you a list of companies like the one we see below in the picture.


After clicking on one of the companies from the search list, we also get to see similar pages. If you see on the right side, you will find more companies whom you can pitch to.

One criterion by which you can filter companies is the number of employees in the company. Anyone with more than 50 employees would be fine to pitch. Once you have focused on a business, you can submit your proposal to them.



Try to put something unique in each version. First, study their business: what do they do, their services, their customers, their competitors, etc.? Were they released somewhere? 

Most companies have their blog page but not updated frequently. You can use it as an advantage in your pitch. Let’s see a sample template below that you can use in cold emailing to these clients.

Sample Pitch Template:

Hello (Client Name),

Glad to connect here.

I understand that [insert company name] has a blog, but it has not been updated recently. I am a freelance writer by profession, would like to know if you have plans to work on your content strategy.

More than happy to help with articles for your blog. Please do let me know if you would like to have links to my published works (or) want sample articles on this topic (or) want to see my articles so that you can gauge my writing ability.

Looking forward to hearing from you.


(Your Name)

Another way to find jobs is to search for the Jobs tab at the top of your LinkedIn feed.



Once you click on Jobs, on the search button you type ‘Freelance Writer’ and input the location as WorldWide. You will find companies the world over that are looking for freelance writers like yourself.

Apply to the job which suits you the most and they’re a high chance that you’ll end up landing on a high paying freelance writing job.

Virtual Assistant:

Virtual assistant, also known as VA, is another great option for people looking for an online job. As with freelance writing, in this job as well, all you need is a laptop and an internet connection to get started. A virtual assistant is a remote person who helps their employer with multiple tasks.

Almost all reputable bloggers, online entrepreneurs, and companies I know have at least one virtual assistant. Think of a virtual assistant as an administrative assistant in a typical office building, except that he works remotely. 

Virtual assistants can span virtually any administrative task that you can imagine, including email management, transcribing conference calls, accounting, sales, presentation preparation, customer service, website editing, and more. Specializations in areas such as social media management or sales optimization or online ad management open further options.

How much Do Virtual Assistants Charge?

Virtual assistants typically earn between $ 10 and $ 75 per hour. 

How to Find Virtual Assistant Jobs?

As mentioned earlier, VAs have many opportunities to find work online, they can work for private blogs, companies, etc. In general, the best jobs often come from customer references and word of mouth. If you are a newbie to this business, before you start a job, you can apply for a training course that will teach you the general skills needed to become a virtual assistant.

These courses generally cost you between one to three hundred dollars and can be completed within a few days. It’s a pretty fair exchange for a job that brings in more than $ 80,000 a year.

After completion of your course, the real hustle begins. Today, All veteran virtual assistants use popular sites like Upwork, Freelancer or Fiverr to look for work opportunities. To get a project easily with these platforms you need to complete your profile and list all relevant skills.

On these sites, potential customers post their projects frequently for qualified remote employees and proactively contact them for job opportunities.

How You Can Use Upwork To Find Virtual Assistant Jobs?

  1. You can start working online with upwork for free, in their free plan you will be given 60 connects which you can use to apply for 30 jobs. First, you need to signup and make a decent Upwork profile with all the skills, awards, an experience you have. Note- The more attractive your profile looks the higher will be the chances for getting a Job.
  2. Login to your dashboard and look for search jobs as mentioned in the image below:
  3. Click on Find jobs and type your keyword “Virtual Assistant” and do some filters like: “Always check for verified profiles and fixed rates” to get legit jobs as there are many fraudsters available with unverified profiles.
    Upwrok Job Filters
  4. Click on the filer and you will land to more than 500+ legit jobs available as you can see here there are 669 jobs available.
    Upwork Job Results
  5. Last step, Click on any one of them and submit your proposal.
    Upwork Proposal

The proposal is the real challenge as many other freelancers will be applying for the same job, so make your proposal stand out and look reliable.

You can also Use the site – FlexJobs

This freelance job portal covers more than 5,000 companies and at the same time, tens of thousands of jobs are listed. FlexJobs has a reputation for building relationships with reputable employers. There are no fraudulent or fake vacancies on this site, so you can be sure that the roles are genuine and employers have been reviewed.

In fact, all FlexJobs employees work remotely! To register on this website you need to have a paid subscription, but the amount is appropriate if you believe you are affiliated with a variety of employers. To find virtual assistant sites on the site, just search for the different sections and you are ready to go.

Just sign up with FlexJobs, and make sure to use code NOMAD to receive 30% off your first month. 



Bloggers are usually people who like a specific topic and write about it regularly. If you are passionate or expert in a particular field, consider creating a blog, it’s a long term investment of not only money but your time and patience.

If you are a rookie to this, you may think that making money with blogging is a breeze. Although it’s a legitimate job at home, making money on a blog is not as easy as it sounds.

Creating a profitable blog takes lots of time and effort. You can not just start a new blog and expect to earn thousands of dollars in your first month. In fact, there is no guarantee that you will make money. But, if you are consistent you will end up making 6-7 figure incomes. 

I personally know some of the bloggers like Harsh Aggarwal, Patt Flynn, John Chow and many others who are making 7-8 figures income consistently. Blogging is a long-term investment that most people should simply try because they like to write.

Bloggers can make money in several ways, including Google Adsense, affiliate marketing, accepting paid ads, sponsored reviews and blog posts, selling digital or physical products, or selling courses.

How You Can Start Blogging?

Before getting started, you need to decide what you like the most, In which niche you have the expertise and the niche is whether evergreen or not. Evergreen refers to that niche which remains always in demand like “How to make money online” or “How To Reduce Fat”. Medical and Digital Marketing are some of the evergreen niches.

If you start with a niche which only works for a particular season like fashion or summer accessories, you likely to get fail after some time. So, research a lot before starting a blog, pick a profitable niche in which you can write for years and years.

When you finalize your niche, here comes the second step:

To start a blog, you will be required three things first:

  • Choose your website platform ( Like WordPress, Drupal, Wix)
  • Choose a domain name and hosting.
  • Customize and tweak your website.
Choosing a Web Platform:

In my opinion, you must go with WordPress if you are looking for a long term. Your blog is going to be a business for the future so consider it the best among all. 

WordPress is one of the biggest blogging platforms in the world, with a countless number of plugins and add-ons with almost infinite designs and layouts for your blog.

There are more than 82 million active users of WordPress, and it covers almost 34% of shares over the internet.

Blogging platform stats

Choosing a Domain name:

The domain is primarily the URL or the name of your website. For example- amazon.com or facebook.com. These are all URL names. To get a URL at a cheap price you can go with Godaddy or Big Rock domain registration.

Choosing a Hosting Platform:

Basically, hosting is the company that puts your website on the internet up and running 24/7 so that everyone can see it. Everything is stored there. This is a kind of computer hard drive on the Internet where your blog is stored. In my opinion, you should go with SiteGround, as they are a leading web hosting company and come with a secured interface.

Customize Your Website:

This is the most vital step, You need to make your blog look exactly how you want it to. To select a new theme for your site > login to WordPress dashboard > go to Appearance > Themes > select new theme and install a free WordPress theme or you can go to a premium website like ThemeForest.net and buy a theme that costs you about $ 40.


Usually, I choose something that looks professional and that is easily customizable. WordPress also has this great feature that lets you change topics in just a few clicks. If you’re tired of the current blog template, you can switch to another without losing valuable content or pictures.

Keep in mind that the design of your blog should reflect both your personality and your personality, but also what the blog is about. It makes no sense to have a football theme when your blog is dedicated to tennis, you understand?

Also, navigation should be easy if you want people to stay. If it is complicated and difficult to move, people will not stay on your blog. We all know that design is a subjective art; which means that everyone has their own set of likes and dislikes. But nobody likes ugly websites for sure, and we especially hate websites that are slow and not responsive. 

So, try to optimize your website which loads within 3-4 seconds and you are ready to go. To know more about starting a blog, you can check out the article: How To START A Blog in 15 Mins Step By Step Newbie Guide 2022.

Web Designer:

Web Designer jobs

Business owners and newly launched startups always want professional looking websites for their internet space. If you know the basics of web design, you can start offering services to small businesses or startups. For those with ace technical skills and hands-on high-end graphic designs, getting started in web design is one of the best ways to earn online at the comfort of their home.

Nowadays, all companies need a website to remain competitive in online space. But the fact is that most business owners do not have the time or sufficient skills to create an attractive and user-friendly website for their customers. Medical professionals, real estate owners, organizations, and others also need websites and they do not know web design at all. This is where a web designer comes into play.

With only a few skills and the ability to provide quality work, you can easily earn money by designing websites at home by approaching these clients. This comes with beneficial perks like you can work from home jobs, set your schedule and your income potential is virtually unlimited.

How much Do Web Designers Get paid?

Like other online jobs where it works for you, the amount you earn directly depends on your level of knowledge and the number of customers you can receive. According to Salary.com, the average salary for web designers is over $ 73,000 a year. That’s a lot of money, especially if you are going to work from home.

This is How you can Find Jobs in the field Of Web Design

Many of the best web design works come from customer references. However, there are many legit and popular freelance sites where you can register yourself and start listing your services. These sites like 99designs, Fiverr, Upwork, Truelancer or more. Here you can connect with thousands of potential customers looking for the services you offer. You can maximize your sell by offering them some discounts and additional services.

In my opinion, Fiverr suits best for this. You can easily create your gig in no time and there are hundreds of people looking for the same services regularly.

It is always challenging to get the first order and first review, but once you start working on it, there a high potential that you never run out of the work. As seen above, you can see that this person has more than 1200 reviews with 24 orders already in the queue.

Fiverr, is a great marketplace for freelancers where you can not only sell web design or development gigs, you can also offer your article writing, logo design, voice-over, sketch service and more.

Online Tutor:

Online Tutor

Every industry is leveraging the revolution of the Internet, and teaching is no different. Online tutoring jobs are a great way to earn money at the comfort of your home. With the right set of skills and ability to teach students, this can easily be a profitable part-time career.

If you’re a licensed teacher, you can start teaching at home easily. Classes are usually held through Skype or recorded sessions.

Online tutors are needed for a variety of topics. For some jobs, you need to be a tutor for students in subjects that can be considered “standard”. Other tutoring activities, such as Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL), require interaction and instruction with students from around the world.

These types of positions are more specialized and may require additional training.

While there are many legitimate jobs to work from home to online tutors, some of the jobs you find are somewhat fraudulent. Before applying to any jobs, do proper research about the company and only apply online to reputable companies to save your precious time and efforts.

How much do Online Tutoring and online jobs pay?

According to Glassdoor, most online tutors earn between $ 10 and $ 15 per hour, although some experienced and skilled tutors earn up to $ 20- $ 30 an hour. And as usual, if they are on fixed payouts, their salary often depends on their education, skills, and experience.

How do you find Tutoring jobs Online?

Online courses are available on many different websites on the Internet. If you’re into TEFL jobs, VIPKID, Gogokid, EF Education First, and the Hawo American Academy are the places to look out for the work. For general tutoring, sites like Tutor.com and Varsity Tutors are best to apply for. Remember, In all the sites, you will be required to do a video interview before getting hired.

One of the most popular and high-paying jobs for tutors online is teaching English to Chinese children through VIPKID. Their service is super flexible, you can create your timetables and no pre-lesson planning is required. VIPKID offers timely lesson plans and communications with their parents.

All you need is a laptop and a desire to help children with their studies. Tutors here, usually earn between $14 and $22 per hour, depending on their skills and experience.

K12 is also a major player in the online education sector. One of the best things about them is that you will be given health insurance, retirement savings and paid time off without spending a penny.

Since you work with children even though you are online, you need to follow the typical process for that: You will be required to give online background checks, reference checks, skype interviews and more.


Proofreader jobs

Proofreading is another legitimate work that you can do from home and earn real money. Again, in this job as well, you can do this from almost anywhere in the world, as long as you have a laptop and an internet connection.

If you are a grammar expert and you can detect spelling errors or easily correct terrible spelling mistakes. This is the best job for you.

As a proofreader, you will be asked to review all types of content. Proofreaders look for errors in documents, books, blog posts, and more. It’s a great opportunity to work from home for someone who speaks good English and has an extraordinary sense of rectifying errors.

Proofreaders can work as “general correctors” or specialize in specific areas, For example, scrutiny of records for court clerks, academic correctors for checking student’s projects and rectifying their mistakes. Although there are usually more vacancies available for accountants, you can also approach technical and training staff which needs proofreading services daily.

How much Does a Freelance Proofreader Earn?

The payment usually depends on the skillset and experience of a proofreader. According to Salary.com, the average salary for an independent proofreader is $ 49,729 a year, which is not bad at all. This is the very first job where you have not required any kind of university degree.

How to Find Proofreading jobs?

Like virtual assistants, proofreaders can find proofreading jobs in almost every sector that publishes content online. They give publishers a second insight and can help them create more elegant and professional content. 

There are several other platforms that newbie proofreaders can apply to and see if they can attract new customers. Some of my favorite websites are Scribe Writing, Edit Fast, and ProofreadingServices.com.

All these websites pay their freelancers a competitive salary with the comfort of their flexible schedules. You can list yourself on ProofreadingServices.com jobs only if you pass their 20-minute application test.

Social Media Manager:

Social Media Manager

Social media is the hottest platform to promote business online and almost all major companies have gone directly to their customers with social media as they know it’s worth. They have moved from traditional advertising such as (TV, press or radio advertising) to online advertising channels like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube or Pinterest.

But not all companies have someone there who manages their social media accounts, which is why more and more people start to profile themselves as social media managers and help companies expand their social media channels. This is a high chance that you will get hired for this job and you can work remotely.

As a Social Media Manager, you will be Responsible for this?

  • Monitoring social media accounts and customer profiles.
  • Get relevant followers to their social media channels
  • Manage business Facebook pages and their Facebook ads.
  • Get more relevant Twitter or LinkedIn followers
  • LinkedIn engagements 
  • Social bookmarking
  • Comment on forums and chat rooms
  • Create viral content like articles, news, and more.
  • You can work as a content curator, proofreader, or moderator, depending on the work needed for the project. It also depends upon your social networks and your skills.

How much do Social Media managers Earn?

Social media managers typically receive the same salary as virtual assistants. The hourly rates are between 15 and 75 US dollars. However, some social media administrators also work on a monthly salary basis while working from there home.

How Do you find a job Online as a Social Media Manager?

Upwork is a large, independent website that publishes thousands of jobs every day in many industries, including social networks. If you have social media skills, Upwork has several social media jobs. Customers can range from small businesses to big companies, professionals and bloggers. 

Register on the website as I have explained in the article above and create a professional profile listing your skills to apply for social networking jobs. You will find work as a social media moderator, social media marketer, social media manager or consultant, depending on your level of knowledge and the client’s project.

You can also try out websites like CareerBuilder.com, SimplyHired.com where thousands of jobs are listed for social media managers. If you have proven social networking and a significant number of members, you can even communicate directly with companies and ask them if they need help.


Working at home is a dream for all personals whether they are a white-collar person or an entrepreneur, and thanks to digital transformation, this dream is becoming a reality for more people than ever before.

However, if you want to work at home in your comfort and your scheduled time, you should invest in yourself developing the skills that are required for many of these jobs.

What you liked the most about the article and which job do you think is perfect for you, let me know your opinion in the comments section below.

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