August 16, 2022
Cheap Cell Phone Plans

Best Cheap Cell Phone Plans of 2022

When Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone, it changed the entire shape and structure of communication. One could talk to people literally placed at the opposite end of the world.

Cheap Cell Phone Plans

With time came the age of mobile phones. Motorola was the first to introduce a handheld mobile phone. Since then, it’s been quite a journey. But with this seamless communication came a menace – phone bill!

Best cellphone plan

Every individual, rich or poor, aims to get the best of their bucks when buying a cell phone plan. With uncountable service providers with a vast ocean of Cheap Cell Phone Plans, they offer, choosing the right one for you can be a headache. To make the job easy for you, we’ve compiled the Cheap Cell Phone Plans that offer value for your money.

1. Metro

Considering each and every aspect, Metro offered by T-Mobile can be rightfully termed Best Overall Cheap Carrier. Being a subsidiary to the well-known T-Mobile (earlier MetroPCS), Metro utilizes the parent company network’s excellence. 


The best available plan by Metro is 10GB data for $40.

T-Mobile and Metro have always stood at the same level in terms of performance. And in recent tests, T-Mobile and AT&T have proven to be equaled for LTE speed. This serves as an advantage to Metro users. If that’s not good enough, Metro turned out to be faster than T-Mobile at several locations. This speaks volumes of the quality of service you are sure to get wherever you go within T-Mobile’s reach.

Metro offers freedom to choose from a wide range of supported phones. Ranging from flagship phones to low-cost phones, Metro currently offers 31 phones. Out of these 31, 12 cost less than $200.

What you won’t like: Although Metro delivers seamless network services, it has a major drawback too. Metro has very limited plans for $40 or less. You can either go for a $30 monthly plan that offers 2GB or $40 monthly plan that offers 10GB. With a mere addition of $10, you can avail five times the data, which probably is the best-prepaid plan available. Not to be mistaken, Metro has unlimited offers as well, but they cost $40+. Also, Metro’s customer service ratings aren’t much impressive, either. 

2. Visible

Who doesn’t like to enjoy calls, data, and other facilities without any limits? Unlimited is always welcome! But there’s one issue with unlimited plans – high rates! They don’t come cheap. This is where Visible comes into play. Owned by Verizon, Visible offers unlimited calls, texts, and data plans just for $40 per month (taxes and fees included). 


Visible subscribers can also avail of family plans – more are the lines added, more is the discounting. Two lines of data cost $35/line, thus making it $70 per month. However, four lines cost a total of $100 a month, thus making it $25/line. 

Previously, only iPhones could enjoy Visible services. But in January 2020, Visible extended its services to android devices too, thus increasing its popularity. Also, Visible sells its very own branded phone R2, built by ZTE, priced $99. 

What you won’t like: If something is this good, there has to be some trade-off associated with it. In fact, there is one with Visible. While Visible has a huge outreach, it has capped download speeds at 5Mbps. However, this isn’t applicable to present and new Visible users, given they stick to the carrier. It has been tested and confirmed. However, speeds were slower as compared to Verizon phones. There are still compromises to be made. Streaming video is possible only up to 480p, i.e., no HD, and music capped at 500Kbps. 

Visible can be called the service providing Best Unlimited Plan amongst its competitors.

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3. Republic Wireless

If you want to fill your canvas with a huge palette full of different shades of plans, Republic Wireless is the one for you. It has arguably the most attractive assortment of plans among its competitors – unlimited talk time and messages to its subscribers being the highlight. Sprint and T-Mobile are its parent carriers.

Republic wireless

The best available plan is 2GB data for $25 a month. If that’s not enough, you can add 1GB LTE data just for $5. If you want to save more, you can always sign up for an annual payment. You choose the aforementioned plan and bill monthly, you pay $25 each month. But if you go for an annual payment, it reduces roughly to $20.83 per month. Do the maths, and you’ll find that you technically get two months of free service! 

What you would like:  It cuts down on costs by using WiFi to access calls, texts, and data whenever it’s available, which otherwise uses its parent carrier’s cellular network. Moreover, it offers great compatibility. Budget phones, flagship phones, cheap phones – if it’s an android, it will support Republic Wireless.

Thus, having considered and analyzed its various aspects, Republic Wireless can be termed the Best Bargain Plan.

4. Google Fi

A wireless service, once known as Project Fi, is now known as the famous Google Fi. Spreading and reaching different phones now, Google Fi is now attracting more customers. 

Google FiGoogle Fi offers unlimited talk and text for $20 per month, with $10 for every 1GB data. Even though that’s multiple times what other services charge, Google Fi gets you credit for the unused data at the end of the month. Thus, judicious use results in a lower bill. During months when a huge amount of data is needed, you can use Google Fi’s Bill Protection feature.

It caps the monthly expense at $80 even if more than 6GB of data that those bucks would normally buy is used. Although you won’t utilize this feature much, it doesn’t hurt to know that it’s there for you anytime you need it.

If you’re a fan of unlimited services, Google Fi also has an unlimited data plan in which calls, text, and data are all included in $70 per month (still costlier than what other discount carriers offer). The best plan it offers is 1GB data for $30 per month. Also, Google Fi can effectively reduce data costs by using WiFi whenever available instead of cellular data. Currently, Google Fi supports seven devices –

  • Newly launched Pixel 4, Pixel 4 XL – officially Fi certified phone.
  • Pixel 3, Pixel 3 XL, Pixel 3a, Pixel 3a XL – Older Pixels sold by Google Fi at low prices.
  • Moto G7 (the only non-Google phone in the list that’s sold by Google-Fi).

If you can compromise switching between T-Mobile and Sprint networks, you can use almost any Android phone and even iPhones with Google Fi. Also, if you travel a lot, Google Fi is the one for you since you continue to extract from the same data pool, which you would in the U.S., that too at no additional cost. Moreover, the introduction of secure VPN services ensures privacy for both cellular connections and WiFi hotspots. 

What you won’t like:  As it’s evident enough, the chief drawback is the expense. You pay multiple times the price that you’d otherwise pay for services like Visible, Republic Wireless, Metro, and others. 

With every side and aspect studied, Google Fi can be termed the service offering Best Coverage with outreach to 200+ countries. 


  • If you want the best overall cheap service – METRO
  • If you Like best bargain plan service – REPUBLIC SERVICE
  • Or you want the best-unlimited plan – VISIBLE
  • Or you want the best coverage service – GOOGLE FI

Other Options-

The options mentioned above are the ones that excelled the rest in one or more aspects. There are various other cheap carrier options too for a user with their share of pros and cons. Here are a few selected out of dozens:

Boost mobile

  • Pros: network performance, similar to Sprint.
  • Cons: Just one plan under $40 per month; relies completely only on Sprint for cellular services.


  • Pros – Increased data allotments.
  • Cons – Data speed capped at 8Mbps; lesser perks

Simple mobile

  • Pros – Uses fast T-Mobile’s network; and provides a wide range of plans under $40.
  • Cons – Fees and taxes not included in rates.


  • Pros – Uses fast T-Mobile’s network as well as Sprint’s; support for international calling/roaming; customers pay only for the text, talk, and data used.
  • Cons – No unlimited talk or text.

U.S Mobile

  • Pros – Uses both T-Mobile and Verizon networks; offers flexible plans facilitating customization of talk time, text, and data.
  • Cons – Unlimited plans require selecting a data speed.

Final words:

These were the top picks of Cheap Cell Phone Plans of 2022 in the United States. These service providers differ from each other – slightly or by large. It’s essential to understand that each come with their own perks, have their own shares of pros and cons, advantages and disadvantages.

Once a customer is sure about what he wants, he can go through the plans offered by these providers and choose what’s best for them. The user can choose the best provider and then select the desired plan. It’s that easy. 

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