August 16, 2022
Ways To Save Money On An IPhone

Best Ways to Save Money on an iPhone

As they say about iPhones, “You know when you need one.” iPhones are not cheap by any means. The price ranges for Apple’s most expensive phones start from a price as high as $1,099.

But if you’re on a slightly tighter budget then we are here to help you to find ways so that you can save money on an iPhone. The following are a few tips for the same. You can save by buying a used phone, picking the right payment plan for you, and also knowing about the best times to find a promotion.

Save Money on iPhone:

While the price for high-end iPhones has climbed past $1,000 there still are many good options available that cost significantly less, only if you are willing to stick to your current phone for a bit longer.

Having a keen eye for sales, buying refurbished phones, or just having some patience is all that’s required if you want to invest your money on the iPhone. Apple does a great service of providing software and hardware support for phones that are now a few years old, and most people don’t even need every new feature that comes with a brand new iPhone.

Save Money on iPhone

Following are some of the ways through which you can save money on iPhone:-

How to Choose the Best iPhone For You?

The best step you can take right now is to wait and have some patience before you buy a new iPhone. Apple keeps introducing new models every year and it consequently leads to a drop in the price of older phones. If you don’t specifically need the latest iPhone being launched next year, then you can always save money by buying this year’s model at a discount.

As you may have seen, Apple still sells the iPhone 7 and iPhone 8. It might gradually phase out the iPhone 7 and eventually drop the iPhone 8 to its lowest price yet. Going by this example, if Apple continues to sell iPhone XS, iPhone XR, and iPhone XS Max till the next year, then those will also come down in price. The only reason to not wait for the prices to go down is if you’re trading one in.

Refurbished iPhone:

refurbished phone

You can also consider buying a refurbished iPhone. A used iPhone is often a phone that’s been turned in for repairs and has been duly fixed but isn’t a brand new phone. Apple has dedicated an entire section of its site to refurbished products, and the best part is that they all still come with a one-year warranty.

You may not find the latest iPhone X or iPhone XS models listed on the refurbished list, but you shouldn’t worry as Apple keeps its older phones updated on the latest software.

A refurbished iPhone X with 256GB of storage will cost you around $899 which is a big discount from the actual price of $1,149 that it cost at the time of launch. Or maybe you can for the iPhone 8, which you can get refurbished for $729 which makes it $120 cheaper than buying it new.

Wait For Promotions And Sales:

Apple may not typically offer sales on iPhones, but there are other stores that do. For example, Best Buy frequently discounts iPhones all around the year through various sales, including Black Friday. There are retailers who have sales available on other Apple products that come up periodically.

On events like an anniversary sale of the retailer, and you can probably expect something similar to happen and you can make the best out of these exciting deals.

Cell phone carriers and electronics retailers also sometimes join the party and they offer some of their best iPhone deals during the holiday season, a very popular event being the Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving.

For example, Best Buy’s 2017 Black Friday sale had included the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 plus which were available for up to $200 off along with qualified activation on select networks. Fall is also a prime time to look for deals and savings. Hence, keep looking for promotions and sales year-round.

Trade-in For Your Old iPhone:

If you out rightly own your phone, that is you don’t have anything lagging behind on a payment plan, you can always look to trade in your iPhone towards the cost of the new one you are planning to buy. Amazon, Best Buy, and other online retailers have all listed the price they’re willing to pay you for your old phone.

Even Apple accepts trade-ins. For example, if you trade in an iPhone 6s, you will get an iPhone XS for a subsidized price of $849 at a $150 discount. Apple has increased the value of its trade-ins; it was a time when an iPhone 6s was only worth $75 toward a new phone.

Sell the Old phone:

Sell the old phone

However, if you think you will get more for your old phone than what Apple, Best Buy, or Amazon are offering, then you can always choose to sell it. You can use apps like Swappa, where you can set a price as per your requirements and see if people are actually willing to pay what you think your phone’s worth is.

You can also check the selling price of similar models in the second-hand market so that you know the going rate in the market as of now.

Eventually, it all depends on the model you are trying to sell. The iPhone 6s might be selling only at about $110 to $150 right now, so if you have an iPhone 6s to sell, then you might better be off by just trading it into Apple and using that cash towards a new phone.

This is waiting is not going to help since Apple may decrease the price it is willing to pay for an old phone as soon as the newer models are out.

Choose A Good Payment Plan:

Purchasing a phone, instead of leasing it, gives you the ability to sell or trade it and use the value of buying a new phone. However, if you can’t afford to buy at the full cost, or don’t want to burn your savings by paying up the entire amount upfront, then you should consider paying for your iPhone in monthly installments.

Apple and every major carrier offer their own exciting monthly payment plans. Some agreements even allow you to upgrade to a new phone after a certain period of time or maybe once you have made a specific percentage of the total payment. Following are a few examples of the same:

Apple’s iPhone Upgrade Program:

Apple’s iPhone Upgrade Program

Apple’s iPhone Upgrade Program divides the cost of the device and AppleCare+ coverage, including repairs and software support for over 24 months with 0% interest, allows you to turn in your existing phone, and upgrade to a brand new model after 12 payments.

Monthly payments for the iPhone XS start at $49.91 and therefore, after 12 payments i.e. after paying $598.92 which is about $400 less than the phone’s retail price, you can actually switch to a new phone.

The AT&T Next Every Year plan may not include insurance, but it surely does offer a lower monthly charge of $41.67 for the 64GB iPhone XS and you are also eligible to upgrade your phone after you have paid 50% of the cost.

The only condition in the two plans stated above is that your device must be in good physical and working condition for it to be upgraded after the said amount of time or payment.

An upgrade plan is one of the best options if you plan to get a new iPhone every year without fail. Do a fair bit of research on your own and pick the carrier or payment plan that best suits your needs.

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Best Ways To Save Money On An iPhone



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