August 16, 2022
Watch TV Online for Free

7 Best Ways to Watch TV Online for Free

For those people who always try to find the best ways to save money, cutting off the cable seems like one of the easiest ways out. Now, of course, this is ideal for people who do not spend too much time in front of the TV. Additionally, in today’s day and age- internet access has become supreme.

How to Watch TV Online for Free?Watch TV Online for Free

So, it does not matter whether you have the proper TV connection or not or whether you have a subscribed TV service or not. You can enjoy your internet access to the fullest by opting for these ways to watch online TV for free. While some of them may require the internet, there are some more tricks up our sleeve which would help you get full entertainment without burning a hole in your pocket:

We completely understand that when you are staying alone or with your family, you may want to keep a check on your budget. However, we do want you to remind us one thing- while you can watch TV shows online for free, the quality may not be as high as on TV. Also, the variety of content may be a little more limited here. Check out these top ways to enjoy Watch TV online for free:

Opt for Offers From Different Cell Phone Carriers

Opt for offers from different cell phone carriers

Now that both mobiles and televisions have started offering similar services, the cell phone carriers must introduce bundles as an extra service. For instance, if you opt for a leading service like T-mobile, you would be able to enjoy a Netflix subscription.

You get this offer if more than two connections of the same family are made with a T-mobile plan. Vodafone also has many similar plans. At&T, on the other hand, offers over 25 channels for on-demand TV and live TV completely free of cost.

So, the best way to go about it is first to analyze the current costs of your phone plan. Then you can figure out whether a streaming service on the phone adds to your pocket or whether a bundle of TV and mobile service is more affordable for you.

Nevertheless, if you can afford it, then we recommend coughing a few bucks extra and getting on board with the new plan offered by your carrier. In the meanwhile, you would be able to save up enough money to get you the best of deals.

Do not Miss Out on Free Trial Opportunities

With the competition increasing, most of the streaming services want to get a maximum audience database on board. They also take complete advantage of the fact that a viewer may soon be oblivious. So, for instance, you sign up with your credit card details– the idea is to keep debiting from the same card once the free trial is over.

Most people just do not make the effort to go and remove the details or discontinue the services. Also, most of the major streaming services wish to offer you the free trials that you need. For instance, both Hulu and Netflix are actually free for a month.

But, HBO now as well as DirecTV offers a free week trial. So, even though this trial period ends up being a temporary fix, it is definitely a good way to ensure that you are getting your entertainment for free. Also, if you do wish to replace your service, then this is the best way to find out if it is ideal for you or not.

Opt for Free Downloads and Check App Store

Opt for Free Downloads

Most digital stores like Google Play or iTunes offer a section that comes free of cost. Since all of these are known names and high in the competition, the content they offer is quite good too. You cannot only browse but download complete episodes as well.

With selected shows on the tablet, computer, and phone- you can keep up with your entertainment needs without them actually divulging into your expenses. However, the content here is good, but it’s not the best. Even so, if you are not too finicky and more of a passive watcher, then we would recommend going for this alternative.

The trick they use is that they make pilots and episodes from other series available to you so that you sign up for the paid service in case you do get hooked. However, just like our 2nd alternative- this one is great for people who want to test the waters. This way you can enjoy free content for a bit but also head to find out whether it is worth your money or not.

Use your Library card To your Advantage

Use your library card to your advantage

So, first, figure out the perks that your library card offers. Now, we completely understand that with hectic schedules, it is very tough to head to the library branch and then use your card. However, there are many library systems, campuses, and public libraries that have partnered with many streaming services. This helps the patrons borrow the movies and the TV shows at extremely negligible costs. Take Kanopy, for example. They offer a lot of family-friendly content to their subscribers.

Additionally, you can see if your library has partnered with Hoopla Digital or not. This will also help you figure out if this is the ideal option for you or not. To find out about this, you can visit a librarian or even log on to the sites mentioned above to figure out where and all does your library participates. This is definitely an unconventional way, but worth a try when looking for ways to watch TV online for free.

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Make Redemption of Reward Points

If you are lucky enough to work with a company that offers reward programs, then it is ideal for you. However, even if you are not, there are many corporate programs that one can offer. For instance, if you choose Microsoft Rewards, then you can keep earning points for different things.

For example, you can take quizzes that they introduce or even increase your points for using the search engine- Bing. They give you points for purchases made from the Microsoft Store or even for surfing the internet with the web browser.

You can simply redeem these points from different retailers such as Walmart and Amazon. Here, you can also buy downloadable and stream the available TV content online. But, this option is ideal for people who accrue points and are okay with the patient payoff. Since it is not an immediate payoff, it is not really an alternative that would serve you immediately.

As per Microsoft, nearly 5,000 points add up to 5 USD. These points may get capped daily or even monthly, depending on what task you undertake.

Simplest of Them all-go for a Free TV Streaming App or site

Simplest of them all- go for a free TV streaming app or site

For people who do not want to commit to paid subscriptions, there are other options they can try. For instance, there are websites such as Amazon Prime, Sony Crackle, and Yahoo view which offer many selected libraries of free content. They make revenue with ads.

So, be prepared to see a lot of it. On other network apps and sites such as Fox and NBC, you can also view the simplest episodes of popular and current shows on this network. However, if you do want to see the full seasons or regular live TV, then you may have to opt for an account with any of the cable providers. Ensure that the website you choose or the app you choose is reliable. Read enough reviews so that you do not get caught up with a virus.

Free Hoarding is Always going to be a Thing with Relatives

You must have often heard jokes about people not knowing who’s Netflix they are using. But, if you do manage to get your hands on the credentials, then opt for using a roommate or a parent’s streaming subscription. This can help you with getting your entertainment dosage for free completely. Most of the services would also let their users view the content on different devices at the same time.

For Amazon Prime holders, you can go for Amazon Household to share the benefits. For Hulu members, up to five extra profiles can be added and even HBO Now subscribers can share accounts. So, basically, it is best to not waste money and find out who is willing to help you out in these entertainment scarce times.

So, basically, all of the aforementioned ways are ideal to keep your expenses in check and also not compromise on your entertainment needs. Try out these amazing tricks and hacks and enjoy TV online for completely free of cost.

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