August 16, 2022

2022 Review: Old Navy Credit Card and Old Navy Visa Card

If you have mad love for everyday basics or are just a university student on a budget, you may have heard of the Old Navy Credit Card or the Old Navy Visa Card. 

Their cards are one of the best ways to rake in benefits from any Old Navy and its affiliated stores such as Banana Republic, Athleta, Hill City, or Gap. The company offers two types of old navy cards – 

– The basic ones 

– The Navyist cards 

This review will focus on the Old Navy Credit Card and the Old Navy Visa store brand cards that are applicable for use within its stores and its other family brands. 

Old Navy Credit Card and Old Navy Visa Card: Review

Old Navy Credit Card:

old navy credit card

The Old Navy Credit Card can only be used in the stores and perfect for members who have recently started shopping at the Old Navy stores. The Synchrony bank issues it, and for every dollar you spend at the old navy store, you earn five points. 

Mentioned below are some of the best benefits of using the Old Navy Credit Card-

 5% cashback at any Old Navy and its affiliates

  1. There is no annual fee involved 
  2. You will get a 30% off on the first purchase made using the card 
  3. Prompts on any exclusive offers or early sales 
  4. There is a zero-fraud liability 
  5. You get a 30% discount on the first purchase

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Old Navy Visa Card:

Old Navy Visa Card

The visa version of the Old Navy Card is issued by Synchrony Bank as well. You could call it a step up from the regular card that is only applicable at the Old Navy store and its affiliates. The Old Navy Visa Card can be used at any store that accepts visas. 

 Mentioned below are some of the best benefits of using the Old Navy Visa Card – 

  1. You earn one point for every dollar you spend using the visa card 
  2. Unmentioned promotional offers
  3. There is no annual fee for its usage 

Along with these, you get free shipping by using code NAVYIST when purchasing online, along with a customer service that is always there at your beck and call. 

You can also make alterations to the purchases made from Old Navy and its affiliates. 

No review is complete without a mention of the cons of using the product or service. The points mentioned below tell you of the downsides of owning these cards- 

  1. They mention there being a zero-annual fee, but you don’t get an introductory interest-free period! So, you will be paying a 25.99% variable and will end up paying for possessing the card each month. 
  2. Customers complain of their Old Navy accounts being shut down without a prior warning, and the customer help centers blame it on their algorithms. It could occur even if you have been on top of your payments. As many as 51 customers have given the Old Navy cards a whopping one-star rating. 
  3. Many of the ‘Free Alterations’ is not valid on the Old Navy, Banana republic factory, or Gap stores. 
  4. To maintain your membership, you must requalify every year! 
  5. The cards do not provide travel and shopping protection. 

Final Verdict- 

2 out of 5 stars 

Both cards provide the user with a bunch of benefits that ensure they have a smooth shopping experience. However, one mustn’t ignore that keeping the cards isn’t free, and you will be expected to pay exorbitant interest rates. 

Moreover, the cards are for those who regularly shop at the Old Navy stores and their affiliates. These cards are not for you if you don’t shop with them! It justifies the 2-star rating we give to both the Old Navy Credit Card and the Old Navy Visa Card. 


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