August 16, 2022
Best Money Sending Apps

7 Best Money Sending Apps of 2022

We all need to transfer money to another person at some point of time in life, whether you’re paying back a few bucks to a friend who took care of the dinner bill or maybe giving your child some money while he or she is studying abroad. Here we will discuss the best money sending apps.

More often than not, transferring money can get really expensive at a very fast rate; especially when it comes to transferring money across borders. Fortunately, the new Money Sending Apps have opened up a whole new world of new possibilities for moving money around at a very reasonable cost.

Money Transferring Apps:-

There is a wide range of Money Sending Apps out there that you can use, but it’s important to understand which apps will best cater to your specific needs. To help you in this essential process of choosing the best option, here are some of the apps to send money and their important characteristics.

1. OFX:


OFX is the best money transfer app for paying out those big bucks overseas. Aside from catering to an impressive list of countries that you can send to in various currencies, it also boasts of many useful tools to go along with it. It has a live exchange rate currency converter which allows you to lock-in the best exchange rates possible on the date of transfer.

The app has absolutely no cap on the number of transfers one can make. However, they do have a condition of minimum transfer of $1,000, so it is best suited for larger international money transfers. Their fees keep varying, and typically they charge a margin of less than 2% on currency exchange rates.

2. PayPal: Best Money send App


You must already be pretty familiar with PayPal because it’s been around for a longer period than most of the other Money Sending Apps. PayPal has an extensive network of countries in its list where you can send your money to and it’s very secure. However, this sense of security comes at a price.

For all the debit or credit transfers within the U.S. PayPal charges a 2.9% cut off the entire transaction along with an additional 30 cent fee. If you want to send you money internationally, then on top of the 2.9% cut, the fee for sending money to Canada or Europe is $2.99, while for other countries it is $4.99.

The fixed fee varies from country to country. PayPal can prove to be a great choice for sending money to more remote areas that you may not otherwise have access to.

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3. Square Cash App: Cash Sending App

Square Cash App

If you are interested in a quick and easy app that takes care of splitting restaurant bills or apartment utilities, then your answer can not be better than Square’s Cash app. There is absolutely no transaction fee for peer-to-peer transfers and if you happen to send money to someone, they do not even need to have a Cash account.

You can straightaway create an accessible web page that allows people to make free payments to you. Out of all the money transfer apps out in the market, this one surely is the most simplistic and easy to use for customers.

4. Transfer Wise: Best money transfer App 

Transfer Wise

Similar to OFX, TransferWise can be an ideal pick for people who want to transfer money internationally. They, however, have a smaller list of countries to cater around the world than OFX and also have a slightly longer transfer time ranging from one to three days.

However, on the brighter side, their transaction fees are very less compared to banks and currently stands at 0.7% while their currency conversion rates are guaranteed for up to 29 hours. Their biggest advantage over OFX is that they don’t have a condition of minimum transfers, which allows you to send smaller amounts of money if needed.

5. Venmo: Best App for send Money


Like Square’s Cash App, Venmo has been designed for personalized peer-to-peer payments. Venmo has already gained a lot of popularity among cash transfer apps for its convenience and free transfers and also because the app has a distinctive social element. The app lets you connect to Facebook and also with your phone contacts and you can easily transfer money to people within your social network.

It also allows you to converse with people who are making the transactions. If you don’t want to make a transaction public, then the app has plenty of customizable privacy features for the same. While Venmo is apparently free for most of the transfers, you should take into consideration that there is a credit card transfer fee of 3%.

6. World Remit:

world remit

WorldRemit is one of the best apps for transferring smaller amounts of money to people all around the world. It has a broad catalog of qualifying countries with a low fee and a variety of ways through which receivers can access their money.

They don’t have a condition of transferring a minimum amount which makes them the perfect fit for international transactions for family and friends. What makes WorldRemit truly stand out in the competition is its extremely fast transaction time. International cash transfers can get processed almost instantly.

7. Zelle: 


Zelle is an absolutely free app that is very good for peer-to-peer money transfers. However, both the sender and the receiver must have a bank account at a participating U.S. bank. This feature makes the app a bit limiting in nature.

It sometimes may also have a slower transaction processing time compared to other peer-to-peer money transfer apps. If the receiver doesn’t have a Zelle account, then the transaction can take from one to three business days to get processed.

How To Choose a Good Money Transfer App? What’s the Best Cash App?

Due to the convenience and affordability they provide, its little wonder that this cash sending apps have become so popular. However, this high adoption rate is slowly turning it into a saturated market. If you just search in your device’s app store, you’ll notice that there is an endless list of apps to choose from.

Before going for a money transfer app to use, it’s important to note that each of these apps has different qualities and characteristics which define them and make them better suited for only certain kinds of transactions. The following are a few critical factors to consider before you select an app to use.

Transfer Speed:

If you’re looking for quick methods of transferring your money, be sure to look into the average duration of time these apps need to transfer balance from one place to another. Transactions speeds vary enormously from app to app and you should ensure that your money reaches where it needs to on time.

Geographical Location:

It’s important to take into consideration the place where you live and where you have to regularly send your money geographically. Some apps don’t permit international transfers at all while some discourage them with exorbitant fees.

Security is a huge factor in this as well. Some money transfer apps can sometimes cause security issues, particularly when you are transferring overseas. If you have to regularly send funds internationally, it’s important to make sure that your app can securely transfer your money from one place to another.

The Volume Of Transfers:

It’s important to take into consideration how much you will be transferring at a time. Many apps have an upper limit on the amount of money that can be sent at once, while others have limits on the total amount that can be sent a week, a month, etc. Some may also charge a percentage of what you transfer which makes them less-than-ideal for transferring large sums of money.


Be sure to think about whom you are going to send your money to. You also have to take into consideration what will be the utility of the app from the perspective of the person to whom you will be sending the money.

There are a lot of money transfer apps that are designed toward cash transfers between people that know each other. If you want to send money to strangers, you may want to look for apps that have valid protections in place if you need to get the money back.

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