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Best Meal Delivery App Comparison

Best Meal Delivery Apps Comparison 2022

Meal Delivery Apps: We Compare 5 Of Them

Meal Delivery Apps


One of the best things about meal delivery apps is that they make life a lot easier. They offer homemade meals that the entire family can eat together. In this busy life where we all remain focused on our work, there’s a high chance that we get less time to cook food. With meal delivery apps you aid the problem of cooking and can spend more time with your family.

Comparison Of Best Meal Delivery Apps

While some Meal Delivery Apps services focus on vegetarian life. Others tend to focus more on the convenience of the entire family. In this comparison of Home Chef vs. Blue Apron Vs Plated vs Hello Fresh vs Freshly, we have compared five of the best family meal delivery apps. So let’s go deep down among all services below:

1. Home Chef

Home Chef

Home Chef aims to secure its share of the foodservice distribution market by offering a variety of options to its customers, From weekday meals to portions per meal and customizable protein. Combining this spirit with the slogan “everything you want” with familiar recipes with no hustle and bustle.

The chef seems to be the service of a common denominator. We have tried to find out if this medium-term approach will lead to tasty and fresh dishes worthwhile or if a TV dinner would be a breakthrough. Read below to find out if Home Chef is making a home run.

Here’s How it works: Sign up in minutes

Home Chef is a subscription service for the Meal Delivery Apps. Customers subscribe to a package based on the number of meals they want per week. The number of portions they want for each meal and then let the company select or select meals from the weekly selection.

In addition to the recipe, the kits contain almost all ingredients for preparing a meal and are prepared by the customers at home. Registration is easy, as well as making changes, skipping weeks, or canceling.

Like most menu subscriptions, Home Chef delivers meals once a week in an individual box. You have only option to choose between only two delivery days, Wednesday and Friday, and the box will arrive at any time according to your preferences.

Food Selection: Many personalization options

The selection of recipes is simple. Whatever plan you choose, two, four, or six people, you will receive all 14 same dinners, including three vegetarians. There are also three “five-minute lunch” options, which are slightly cheaper at $ 7.99 per serving and do not require cooking.

The company says there are 26 restaurants, but it’s a bit over the top. It seems you are aware of all sorts of adaptations of the meat.

Premium dishes contain refined ingredients and cost a little more. Filet Bistro and truffle fries cost $ 19.95 apiece. You pay this price in the restaurant. But most recipes are supposed to make the dinner of the week easy and unappealing. The labeled as Home Chef Express is ready in 15 minutes.

Recipes labeled Ready for the oven mean you only need to mix and bake the ingredients in the pan. The dishes generally follow a fairly predictable format. They do not use interesting global or gourmet ingredients like the other services we’ve tried.

The symbols in the recipes offer ideas like calorie and vegetarian awareness. When you click on a prescription, all the details will be displayed to let you know where you are going before you select it, including information on allergens and nutrition, cooking and cooking times, skill level, and the degree of seasoning.

If you would like the service to select your meals for you. You can set your eating preferences at registration and change them at any time in the Taste Profile section so that you do not receive an ingredient for which you do not like it

Packaging: Practical and Reusable

Home Chef’s packaging is a bit heavy plastic, but at least some of it can be reused. The kits are all accompanied by two packs of gel in a large cardboard box with recycled fiber insulation and packed in a plastic bag. Of course, the box on the sidewalk is recyclable and the insulation can be recycled wherever garments can be recycled. However, our city does not allow door-to-door recycling of plastic films. So we had to throw the plastic bags in the trash.

The ingredients for each dish (except raw meat) are conveniently packed in plastic bags with zipper and handle. We loved that everything was organized and easy to install in the fridge.

We could also see how the bags are reused to take lunch to work, but paper bags would be more environmentally friendly. The raw meat was sealed under vacuum and then placed in a large zipper bag which we washed for reuse.

Who is it good for?

Home Chef is ideal for anyone looking for familiar but tasty recipes that want more control over their meals than most other meal kit services allow.

Who is not it good for?

Customers who want organic meat without wild attractions and no natural attractions pay several dollars more per serving. Which is higher than if they subscribe to other companies that use this meat by default and in higher quality.

2. Blue Apron

2. Blue Apron

Blue Apron is a startup whose mission is to tackle food waste and unsustainable food production systems. The fruits and vegetables used by Blue Apron are grown with a minimum of pesticides. Hormone-free hormones come from more than 100 American farms and breeders who carefully rear their animals. The company also works with selected fisheries that produce sustainable seafood products.

This New York Dynamo is not the only service offered for responsible and sustainable food supply, however impressive the methods of food supply are. What he does is an art with its brand extensions at an unbelievable price.

A monthly wine subscription includes six 500-ml bottles with tasting notes, mating tips and a story behind every wine that pleases all wine lovers. Three red wines and three white wines come directly from the vines. Which have been specially selected for their recipes of the month and are to be enjoyed directly at home.

Types of Meals

“Healthy cooking is fun and easy” is the motto of the company. Part of the offer includes fresh and innovative foods that are interesting without being too exotic or unknown.

A typical weeklong offer includes grilled steaks with roasted sweet potatoes and salad, piccata chicken with roasted broccoli and garlic mashed potato or Cajun tilapia and spicy chive with cauliflower sauce “Dirty Rice”.

The chicken with sesame honey and green beans is served with spicy Korean rice, while the burgers are covered with Bob’s burger cheese with caramelized shallots. Any existing blue apron recipe is usually available once a year.

Value and Costs

With the blue “2 persons” apron, the price of a portion of the food package is $ 9.99, regardless of the total number of meals ordered. The shipping cost is $ 7.99, this applies to orders of 2 people in three meals. However, the delivery does not apply if a package with two meals is ordered for two persons.

If you choose FamilyPlan, which offers free shipping in all cases, only one serving costs $ 8.99 for two recipes, $ 7.99 for three, and $ 7.49 for four recipes per week.

If you’re trying to eat healthier and cheaper than in restaurants, Blue Apron is definitely a service that can help you change your eating habits. It can also be a great solution for seniors who can not easily get to the grocery store.

Blue Apron Packaging

Your Blue Apron pack contains everything you need to buy food in varying amounts, as well as step-by-step recipes with generous dimensions that guide you through the cooking process.

Blue Apron dishes are delivered in insulated containers for optimum freshness. Like some of its competitors, but unlike others, the company was criticized for its excessive packaging waste of individually packaged ingredients.

However, the large ice pack can be reused or recycled. Some people complained that the ice had been stored on top of their packaging and an ingredient had been crushed or that significant condensation had occurred.

Nutrition and calorie information is given with each order. However, these nutritional values ​​are easily hidden in the spice bag, which, according to some commentators, would make more sense if printed clearly on recipe cards.

Many older people found a box filled with bulky ingredients, especially when logistically putting them in the refrigerator and figuring out what was being combined. For some seniors who need packed lunches for cooking, the blue apron may not be the best option.

Another aspect for seniors is the ability to turn to customer service for problems. If you find that an ingredient is missing, or your food arrives damaged or in an unacceptable condition, the Blue Apron team will replace you, refund you, or credit you, provided you contact them seven days in advance delivery.

What Other Things Do You Need To Know?

The instructions for the Blue interactive deck include everything you need to know, from kitchen utensils, pots and pans to the proper preparation of each ingredient. The Blue Apron blog also offers a good selection of instructional videos that show you what to do if you feel confused.

If you do not have the proper cooking utensils and / or tableware, you can order them on the Blue Apron website. The marketplace offers a selection of high-quality kitchen appliances that you can use to prepare your meals from Meal Delivery Apps.

3. Plated

3. Plated

Plated is a New York-based grocery delivery service that has been on the market since 2012. In only a few years, the company has succeeded in becoming one of the industry leaders from the beginning, setting standards and increasing quality, menu variety, and flexibility.

They offer sustainable fresh produce and meats, flexible orders, and subscription options with an attractive, weekly changing list of recipes that can appeal to chefs with varying levels of experience.

How To Sign-Up For Plated?

Registration is quick and easy. You can start by selecting the day you want to receive your boxes. As with Blue Apron and HelloFresh, delivery is possible seven days a week.

It is not necessary to be at home to receive the delivery. After you have entered your payment information, select the types of meat you eat or if you are a vegetarian. Then the recipes of your first image appear on the screen. You can change the meals for other options.

Plated offers many options for weekly meals, including one for two dinners a week for two ($ 47.80 per week or $ 11.95 per serving plus $ 7.95 shipping). Some services like Sun Basket have nothing like it.

All other options offered include shipping and most combinations reduce the cost per serving to $ 9.95. You can play with the options on your account page to find the right one for you. These prices per serving are marginally higher than those of competitors like Blue Apron, which charge around $ 2 less for the simplest package.

Dessert costs $ 8 more ($ 4 per serving); None of the other services we wanted to offer, except for PeachDish, which sometimes has something sweet like pancakes on the menu. Adding a dessert to Plated’s Two Dinner for Two packages entitles you to free shipping. The deadline for a change is six days before the selected delivery day.

How Plated works?

Plated comes with 3 meal plans that allow you to serve food 2, 3 or 4 times a week for 2, 3 or 4 members. You can choose from the menu any recipe for dinner or dessert and get your recipes and ingredients on the day of the week that best suits your schedule.

Every week there are 20 recipes for dinner and 2 delicious dessert ideas. The recipes are designed for a variety of diets, from vegetarian to low carbohydrate.

After you have selected your meals and placed your order, Plated’s staff will take care of them, choosing the best ingredients and carefully measuring them to make each recipe perfectly satisfying. Your recipe cards and ingredients are carefully packaged, packaged in refrigerated isolators, and sent directly to your home.

Like meals, subscriptions are incredibly flexible. You can pause, change or cancel your subscription at any time without asking questions. All you have to do is make any desired changes before processing your order, ie before 12am 6 days before the scheduled delivery date.

What Makes the Plated Differently from others?

As mentioned in this Silver Review, this unique service has set itself apart from others by offering greater variety.  Flexibility and quality of food than most similar solutions on the market. Not only does he offer dinner recipes, but he also offers incredible dessert ideas every week.

Plated offers an individualized ordering and cooking experience with easy-to-change formulas and subscriptions. Choose only the best ingredients. Your meals are rich in flavors and nutrients.

Choose your suppliers carefully and work exclusively with farmers who apply best practices for sustainable development. The meat it gets from Plated is high, with no antibiotics or hormone additives. The product is exceptionally fresh, always natural and as organic as possible.

Plated uses sustainable fish and special crafting ingredients that you can not find in stores. The result is a big difference in quality and taste, which you will surely notice immediately.

As we know, the service offers 20 new dinner recipes each week, as well as 2 dessert ideas carefully crafted by professional chefs to cater to every culinary level.

Dinner Recipes can be divided into two basic Categories:

weekly recipes and recipes again. The weekly recipes are those that have been prepared by the Plated team and appear for the first time in the Plated menu. Encore recipes have been on the menu for the past few weeks and have received top ratings from the company’s customers.

Whether you want to try something new or choose the food that everyone loves. The Silver menu offers many options to meet your every needs.

Although the service does not offer separate menus for those with special dietary needs, it offers many options for all major diets. Every week, the Silver menu features recipes for omnivores, vegetarians, gluten-allergy sufferers, and people who prefer low-carbohydrate and low-calorie meals.

Plated Meal And Recipes

To help you choose your meals, Plated has divided your meals into categories. Depending on your eating habits, you can filter meals by the main protein source and only see dishes with meat, seafood or vegetables. You can also use extra filters and gluten-free, low-carbohydrate fast food only on the stove or for meals of less than 600 calories.

It is important to know that Plated not only aims to meet your nutritional needs but also to broaden your culinary horizons. Her recipes are incredibly innovative and inspired by many world cuisines such as French, Italian, Indian, Mexican, Chinese, and traditional American.

The preparation of meals is reduced to a minimum since all the ingredients are in the right amount. The recipes are simple, with several simple steps and clear instructions that guarantee perfect results. Meals are usually done in less than 45 minutes and some only take 20 minutes to prepare. The practice time is usually 10 to 30 minutes.

How much Does the Plated cost?

At plated, food sets cost between $ 9.95 and $ 11.95 per serving. Prices vary depending on the number of servings per set (the more you cook, the less you pay per serving). For orders over $ 60, delivery is free.

If you want to cook for 2 people, you pay $ 11.95 per serving, which equates to $ 47.80 for 2 recipes, $ 71.70 for 3 recipes, and $ 95.70 for 4 recipes per week. For the 3-Port Option, you pay $ 9.95 per serving. As a result, 2 recipes per week cost $ 59.70, three cost $ 89.55, and four costs $ 119.40 per week.

If you are cooking for 4 people, the price per serving will be equal to the 3 portion option: $ 9.95. That means you pay $ 79.60 for 2 recipes, $ 119.40 for 3 dinners, and $ 159.20 for 4 dinners for 4 people per week.

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4. Hello Fresh

4. Hello Fresh

HelloFresh is a food subscription service that provides everything you need to cook healthy and balanced meals for your family. As a HelloFresh subscriber, you do not have to work so hard to plan a weekly dinner menu in advance and bring home all the ingredients of the grocery store.

The company manages everything but the kitchen, offering easy-to-follow recipes, Freshly cut fresh ingredients, delivered once a week in an insulated polystyrene foam shipping box.

With the available vegetarian and meat options, almost everyone should be satisfied with the ever-evolving recipes and the varied flavors of HelloFresh. While service per person may cost more than similar meals purchased at a local grocery store, HelloFresh is definitely worth a try.

Subscription options and pricing plans

HelloFresh offers three basic subscriptions: the classic subscription, the family subscription, and the vegetarian subscription. Although you can receive up to five meals per week in the classic plan from January 2016, other plans are limited to three meals per week. HelloFresh pointed to extensive options for the family and veggie plans, so be aware of the upcoming changes.

The Classic Plan offers meat or fish menus and side dishes for two per meal. The pricing plans for three meals per week is $ 69, including shipping, it’s best as you need to do anything. The delivery of four meals a week is $ 84.90. Five meals from Meal Delivery Apps per week cost $ 99 or $ 9.90 per person per meal.

The classic plan is unique as you can select your meals each week through your online account. If you like surprises, HelloFresh will gladly choose your weekly recipes for you.

The family plan offers healthy and balanced meals based on meat or fish for four people. Two meals a week cost $ 79.95, including postage. The delivery of three meals a week costs USD 105 or USD 8.75 per meal and person. This is the best value for money HelloFresh offers.

The Veggie Plan offers tasty and nutritious vegetarian dishes for two or four people. Three meals per week for two people cost $ 59. Three meals a week for four people cost $ 109. All family meals and vegetarian diets are preselected.

Additional Details

HelloFresh dishes are easy to prepare. The recommended cooking times are between 30 and 40 minutes in most cases. With the exception of salt, pepper, butter and cooking oil. all the necessary ingredients are included in your weekly grocery shipment.

So make sure you have them handy. Meat and fresh fish are shipped in sealed vacuum containers. Fresh produce and other ingredients are shipped in color-coded bags for easy sorting.

The isothermal HelloFresh boxes come with cooling packs to ensure that the ingredients are stored in the refrigerator. The company designs recipes with ingredients that can remain in excellent condition for a week or more after delivery. HelloFresh, however, recommends some recipes, such as Fresh fish. For example; it should be prepared at the beginning of the week to maximize freshness.

Get, cook and eat your meals at go

Every week, on the same day, you will receive a box of carefully wrapped ingredients and recipe cards at the door. Their food is supplied in a polystyrene foam insulated box (with several ice bags) to keep them cool and comfortable. The box leaves much to be desired in terms of environmental impact but keeps the food cold.

Once you have opened the box, you will notice that all the ingredients are separate and labeled. All products and dry goods/pantries are sorted by food and packaged in color assorted bags. If you choose a non-vegetarian diet, meat and fish are packaged in a vacuum bag to keep them fresh.

After that, just throw everything in your fridge or pantry and cook at night. All your ingredients are prepared in your meals (except for basic products like salt, pepper or oil). The recipe sheet contains photos and instructions that will guide you through the process step by step.

HelloFresh will also have separate cards for cooking certain items, such as: As steak, included. These maps will tell you how to prepare and why you should prepare it. I think it’s a nice encore. With meals, you need to make some preparations, but generally, you get a very high-quality meal.

Other meal subscriptions

HelloFresh is not the only ready-to-cook restaurant in the city. In fact, it is heavily competed by Blue Apron and Plated, two national services very similar to Hello Fresh. All three services use a similar food delivery model that offers fresh, raw ingredients and simple recipes for dinners of up to a week. HelloFresh and Blue Apron have very low prices. Silver costs a little more at $ 12 or more per person per meal by Meal Delivery Apps.

While Blue Apron and Plated offer many vegetarian options. HelloFresh is the only service with a special package designed just for vegetarian subscribers. A good comparison between the three companies is to browse the respective recipe catalogs to get a better idea of ​​the variety of foods.

5. Freshly


There is a big difference between Freshly and other subscription services like Blue Apron and HelloFresh: it’s not about cooking. Get fresh meals chilled and never frozen and just warm up. All dishes have an ingredient list, nutrition information, and warm-up instructions.

Their goal is to provide people with excessive hours (who are watching, new parents without sleep) the opportunity to eat healthily. The meals are done in three minutes, less time than boiling water, but they do not sacrifice quality. All meals are subject to strict standards (eg the exclusion of refined sugar and artificial ingredients), making them a better option than takeaway.

How Do you Sign up?

This facilitates registration considerably. First, enter your email address and zip code to see if Freshly is available in your area. The company currently delivers meals in 27 states. UU. If you live in an inaccessible area, Freshly will ensure that you are notified as soon as your zip code is given.

Once you know if you are really eligible for a subscription, go to the menus. Frisch offers four formulas that vary depending on the number of meals you can receive per week: 4, 6, 9, or 12. Unlike the other subscriptions, the number of portions does not vary depending on the dinner. Each Meal Delivery Apps should only feed one person, which greatly facilitates the calculation of the plan you should choose for your family.

After selecting a plan, you can plan your first delivery date. The first available day is approximately one week after the day of your registration. If you need to leave a lot of leftovers in the fridge, your first Meal Delivery Apps may take up to three weeks after the registration date.

Choosing your meals for the week is a bit like shopping online. The 27 appetizers and five breakfasts are displayed in a table. Just click the plus sign next to each meal to add it to your menu in Meal Delivery Apps.

You can add the same food to the total amount of your subscription (if you want to eat the same thing every day), or you can mix and match it to create the variety you want this week. There is a lot of flexibility to create your personal menu. Once you have reached all your meals, just enter your address and credit card details.

Price Plans by Freshly

Reward yourself if you order more meals every week. Four meals cost $ 12.50 each, or $ 49.99 per week. The cost of each meal will be reduced if you follow the 6 or 9 meal plan.

These portions cost $ 9.99 each. So if you calculate, a 6-meal plan costs $ 59.99 and a 9-meal plan costs $ 89.99. Once he reaches 12 meals a week, he will reach the most profitable plan. Each meal costs $ 8.99 and you pay $ 107.99 this week.

Luckily, you do not have to worry about shipping costs at Freshly. The service offers free delivery per week.

Food Offered By Freshly

Do not go out of the box if you want premium-quality food, Freshly can be a good thing if you want only practical and delicious options. Half of the dinners on the menu are healthier classic American dishes. Imagine options like chicken, pilau rice and green beans. Meatloaf with cauliflower puree; and roasted turkey with quinoa.

Many others are looking for safe Italian dishes such as baked noodles or light chicken dishes. Then you will see a variety of international options (mainly Mexican themes). It can offer a little more variety for the week. The menu included pork carnitas with rice and beans, chicken tikka masala with vegetables and rice, and shawarma chicken with tahini and cilantro vinaigrette.

The five breakfast options are closely related to what you can see in a typical American restaurant. The menu of the week consisted of a Denver omelet. A breakfast plate (mostly eggs) with fries and a sausage plate, a BLT tortilla, a green chorizo ​​frittata and a porridge with muffins chocolate and coconut. With the options tortillas and frittata, you can order one Choose version with or without the cheese.

All meals are labeled with symbols indicating certain characteristics. You can choose a complete paleo menu, eat a spicy meal, or limit some of your options to less than 500 calories. All meals are gluten-free and peanut-free. Freshly also offers free, soy, protein, carbohydrate, and milk-free breakfast and tickets.


Home Chef or Blue Apron or Plated or Hello Fresh or Freshly offers similar services in terms of flexibility, price, and environmental friendliness. If you’re looking for a change, Plated with 20 recipes per week is the winner. HelloFresh is the best option to lighten your meals with plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. Whichever service you choose, your decision will surely be delicious.

Let me know in the comments section below which meal delivery apps do you think is the best and suits to your needs.

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