August 16, 2022
Top Paid Executives List

Highest Paid CEOs in the U.S. 2022

The Highest-paid CEOs are leading the World in Corporate America. The compensation they receive is not only resulting in the world but is also quite a topic of contention. In this entire world, the best-paid executives are lead by America. The most well-known names are- CEO Elon Musk, CEO Bob Iger as well as Apple Inc. leader Tim Cook.

Top Paid Executives List

The surprising part is that apart from these established entities, you have another emerging sector that pays top executives in the world. This sector is none other than legal marijuana. As soon as marijuana became legal, many cannabis producers went public in the United States.

Tilray Inc is a Canadian company which is owned mainly by Privateer Holdings. The IPO is 17 USD, and the shares were trading nearly at 70.54 USD towards the end of the year. This reported a gain of about 314.9%. 

Out of the biggest beneficiaries in Tilray’s IPO, the CEO and the president ended up being in the top two highest-paid CEOs in the United States of America. We have consolidated the final list of positions, names, compensation of highest-paid executives working at 500 of the largest corporations in America.

The total payment is equal to bonus, stock, salary, pensions, and options. These are labelled in the Summary Compensation Table of the Proxy statements which are filed with the SEC. These values are the most recent:

1) Elon MuskElon Musk

With a total compensation of 513 million USD, Tesla has made quite a niche for itself. Musk tops the list even though his company posted a list of 1 billion USD in the year 2018. The surprising part is that Musk has never made a salary, but he is not known to cash the checks.

However, there is a catch to it. Nearly, 99.9% of compensation of the last year was tied in the form of stocks offered based on performance goals. Last year in January, Tesla announced a ten-year stock grant. So, his 513.3 million USD figure for last year included a trance of nearly 2018 grant and part of similar but many small options awards that were received in the year 2012.

2) Brendan KennedyBrendan Kennedy

Brandan Kennedy is the in the Highest paid CEOs list and President of Tilray Inc, the one we mentioned above. His total compensation for the year was 256 million USD. Nearly over 95% of the package earned in 2018 mainly consisted of a pre-IPO bonus. The base salary he earned was about 425,000 USD in the year 2018.

In the year 2017, it was about 375,000 USD. The reason why he leaped so high in the ranking was a base salary apart from 11.3 million USD awards. He is a graduate from Yale School of Management graduate. He also founded Privateer Holdings in the year 2011.

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3) Bob IgerBob Iger

Bob Iger is the one to fill many dreams. The CEO and Chairman of Walt Disney Co. made about 146.6 million USD. Walt Disney Co. extended the contract of the CEO up until 2021 in the year 2017.  It compensated him generously because he completed the 21st Century Fox Deal.

He also received perks worth 1.1 million USD. Then, the house of Mouse cut down his package for the year 2019 by nearly 13.5 million USD and then increased the performance targets in order to appease the shareholders.

4) Tim CookTim Cook

Tim Cook was compensated for 141.6 million USD in the year 2018. In August, Cook made up vested restricted stock. These stock awards added up to 126 million USD. They came up over a base salary of 3 million USD. He received a cash bonus of 12 million USD. He also received perks worth 682,000 USD.

5) Nikesh AroraNikesh Arora

Nikesh Arora, the CEO of Palo Alto Networks received total compensation of 130.7 million USD. He has formerly worked with both SoftBank and Google. He was hired in June 2018 for leading this Santa Clara cybersecurity firm.

Even though he does not have a lot of experience in this particular field, he got quite an amazing pay package. He got a sign on the reward of about 19 million USD. Additionally, he also received stock awards worth 39.3 million USD and the option of prizes worth nearly 72 million USD.

6) David ZaslavDavid Zaslav

David Zaslav is the man behind leading one of the biggest channels of the world. He has been working with Discovery since the year 2007 and then he signed on a new employment contract in the year 2018 signed him on with quite a high bump.

Apart from the base salary of 3 million USD and 9 million USD bonus, he also went on to receive stock awards of nearly 15.3 million USD. Apart from this, he also added a retention award of 100 million USD.

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The Other Top Options in this List include the following:

  • James Heppelmann is the CEO and the President of PTC Inc made a compensation of 71.4 million USD. 
  • Stephen Schwarzman, the CEO and chairman Blackstone Group LP received compensation of about 69.1 million USD.
  •  Tony James, is the Executive Chairman of Blackstone Group LP and is reported to receive a compensation of about 69.1 million USD.
  • Stephen Angel is the tenth on our list. He received compensation of about 66.1 million USD and leads the Linde PLC group in the capacity of being a CEO.

The aforementioned list mentions the top executives who are making maximum compensation. All of them are literally running the corporate world and are doing extremely well. Some of the other inspirational names in this list are as follows:

  • David Simon, the Chairman and CEO of Simon Property Group who makes a total compensation of 137,166,545 USD. 
  • Eric E Schmidt, the Chairman and Former CE of Google Inc make a total of 100,980,262 USD. 
  • Lawrence J Ellison, the CEO of Oracle Corp’s compensation is 77,556,015 USD. 
  • Leslie Moonves is the President and CEO of CBS Corp B and the compensation made by 69,900,677 USD. 
  • Ray R Irani, the Executive Chairman of Occidental Petroleum makes 49,766,694 USD. 
  • Michael S Jeffries is the Chairman and CEO of Abercrombie and Fitch Co who received total compensation of 48,069,473 USD
  • Receiving a total compensation of 43,123,552 in the capacity of President and CEO of the Viacon Inc is our next pick-Philippe H Dauman. 
  • The Mc Kesson Group is being led by John H Hemmergren who receives compensation of nearly 39,680,322 USD.

Even though the list is ever-changing, the top paid executives are truly inspirational and make for a really interesting set of stories.

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