October 4, 2022
“Backdoor” Credit Card Company And Reconsideration Phone Numbers

“Backdoor” Credit Card Company and Reconsideration Phone Numbers

After applying for a credit card, one would obviously wait for a positive outcome. But at times we are disheartened to find that either the application has been rejected or kept pending. That’s exactly when you would like to figure out how to convince the authorities to reconsidering your application. This is when the Backdoor numbers turn out to be handy. 

Backdoor Credit Card Company Phone Numbers

“Backdoor” number is the one that gets you past frontline customer service representatives and connects you directly to the Credit Analysts or the Credit Departments or the Account Managers or the Account Specialists (different lenders call them differently).

Credit Card Backdoor Numbers

These people or departments are the decision-makers and have abilities greater than frontline representatives, they are able to take and review your requests for reconsideration of denied applications or credit limit enhancement requests, and interest rate reductions etc. and implement the same after reviewing.

In addition to basic support, they can often assist you in the following:

  • To track your application and provide the status of the same
  • Can tell you the reasons for your request decline 
  • Might reconsider you for other credit products or terms
  • Revise your credit limit or lower APR
  • Assist you in using your rewards and benefits

Getting directly connected to these executives at these banks might not be easy, but calling these backdoor numbers might get you more help than the regular customer service helpline. 

Get Yourself Prepared Before Calling

Once you have decided to call the backdoor numbers, keep the basic information ready for faster resolution.

  • Keep your personal information and social security number ready 
  • Details about your credit, like how many points do you have, for now, number of cards you possess, whether repayments of all cards have been made on time, etc.
  • Details of your financials, like details of the debt in statement balance card? How much do you have in your account? Do you have credit cards in other banks?
  • Basic information on card features, reasons for application

Important Backdoor Numbers

American Express Contact Details (Personal Cards)

American Express


Main Support Line: 800-528-4800

Credit Bureau Team: 800-874-2717

Bill payment: 800-472-9297

Express Cash/Cash Advance: 800-227-4669

Twitter Handles: @AmericanExpress, @AskAmex, @AmexOffers

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American Express Contact Details (Small Business Cards)

American Express Contact details (Small Business Cards)

Main Support Line: 800-492-3344

Bill payment: 800-472-9297

American Express Vacations: 800-335-3342

Membership Rewards: 800-297-3276

Platinum Travel Services: 800-443-7672

Barclays / Barclaycard

 Barclays / Barclaycard

Main Support Line: 866-928-8598

Credit Card Activation: 877-408-8866

Twitter Handles: @BarclaycardUS, @AskBCUS

Bank of America

 Bank of America

Main Support Line: 800-732-9194

Lost/Stolen Card Reporting: 800-732-9194

Confirm Balance or Activity, New Accounts: 800-432-1000

Credit Card Activation: 800-276-9939

Secured Accounts: 888-260-4696

Application Status: 877-721-9405

Twitter Handles: @BankOfAmerica, @BofA_Help

Chase (Personal Cards)

Chase Personal Cards

Main Support Line: 800-432-3117

Application Status: 800-436-7927

Credit Analyst: 888-245-0625

Chase Executive Office: 888-622-7547

Chase Credit Department: 888-688-6708

Twitter Handles: @Chase, @ChaseSupport

Chase (Business Cards)

 Chase (business Cards)

Main Support Line: 888-269-8690

Twitter Handle: @ChaseforBiz

Citi / Citibank (Personal Cards)

Citibank (Personal Cards)


Main Support Line: 800-347-4934

Lost/Stolen Cards and Account Info: 800-950-5114

Credit Card Application Status: 888-201-4523

Costco Card Application Status: 877-343-4118

General Rewards Assistance: 800-842-6596

Citi Advantage Credit Cards: 888-766-2484

Twitter Handles: @Citi, @AskCiti

Citi/ Citibank (Business Cards)

Citibank Business Signature Card

Main Support Line: 866-422-3091

CitiBusiness AAdvantage Cards: 800-732-6000

Diners Club International

Diners Club International

Main Support Line: 800-234-6377

Outside the US: 514-877-1577

Twitter Handle: @DinersClub

First Bankcard

First bank card

Main Support Line: 888-295-5540

Report Lost or Stolen Credit Card: 800-444-6938

User ID/Password Help or Technical Assistance: 888-467-2217

Request Cardmember Agreement: 888-295-5540

First National Bank of Omaha

First National Bank of Omaha

Main Support Line: 888-530-3626

Report Lost or Stolen Credit Card: 800-444-6938

First Premier Bank

First Premier Bank

Main Support Line: 800-987-5521

GE Money Bank

GE Money Bank

Main Support Line: 866-419-4096

Credit Analyst: 866-519-6441

The Home Depot

The Home Depot

Main Support Line: 866-875-5488

Application Status: 423-467-6957

Commercial Revolving Cards: 866-875-5489

Commercial Accounts: 866-875-5490

Home Depot Project Loan: 877-476-3860

Credit Analyst: 800-677-0232

Twitter Handle: @HomeDepot, @HomeDepot_Care


HSBC credit card

Main Support Line: 888-385-8916

Application Status: 866-574-4421

Credit Analyst: 866-551-0258

Twitter Handle for US: @HSBC_US

Kaiku Finance

Kaiku Finance credit card

Main Support Line: 855-285-2458

Twitter Handle: @kaiku

Key Bank

 Key Bank credit card

Main Support Line: 800-539-2968

Application Status: 888-201-4523

Credit Research Fax: 216-357-6404

Twitter Handle: @keybank, @KeyBank_Help

Lane Bryant
lane bryant card


Main Support Line: 866-886-4731

Credit Inquiries: 800-888-4163

Twitter Handle: @lanebryant

The Loft

The Loft credit card

Main Support Line: 888-563-8444

International line: 614-534-2756

Twitter Handle: @LOFT

Lord & Taylor

Lord & Taylor credit card

Main Support Line: 866-465-8292

Balance Inquiries: 800-223-7440

Twitter Handle: @lordandtaylor


Lowe’s credit card

Lowe’s Advantage Credit Card

Main Support Line: 888-840-7651

Business Account: 888-840-7651

Business Rewards: 866-537-1397

Application Status: 800-445-6937

Fraud/Underwriting/Credit Department: 800-444-1408

Twitter Handle: @Lowes, @LowesCares



Main Support Line: 800-627-8372

Twitter Handle: @Mastercard, @AskMastercard

Navy Federal Credit Union

Navy Federal Credit Union

Main Support Line: 888-842-6328

Free Financial Consultation: 888-503-7106 x48492

Twitter Handle: @NavyFederal, @NavyFederalHelp


Netspend debit cards

Main Support Line: 866-387-7363

Twitter Handle: @NetSpend, @asknetspend

Nordstrom Bank

Nordstrom Bank

Main Support Line: 866-491-7860

Nordstrom Visa Signature: 866-445-0433

Nordstrom Platinum Visa and Retail: 800-964-1800

Twitter Handle: @Nordstrom

OneUnited Bank

OneUnited Bank credit cards

Main Support Line: 877-663-8648

Twitter Handle: @oneunited


PNC credit cards

Main Support Line: 800-762-2265

Twitter Handle: @PNCBank

PenFed Credit Union

PenFed Credit Union

Main Support Line: 800-247-5626

Account Information: 402-951-2353

Report Lost/Stolen Card: 800-556-5678

Reward Information: 800-247-5626

Twitter Handle: @PenFed

Sallie Mae

Sallie Mae

Main Support Line: 800-587-7309

Credit Department: 877-564-7965

Credit Analyst: 877-903-7968

Twitter Handle: @SallieMae

Sam’s Club

Sams plus

Main Support Line: 888-746-7726

Consumer Credit Card Services: 800-964-1917

Business Credit Card Services: 800-203-5764

Consumer MasterCard Services: 866-220-0254

Business MasterCard Services: 866-220-2760

Direct Credit Services: 800-362-6196

Twitter Handle: @SamsClub


Sears cards

Main Support Line: 800-815-7700

Card Activation: 800-589-7327

Technical Difficulties: 800-815-7701

Lost/Stolen Card Reporting: 800-819-9000

Collections: 800-733-1116

Sears Credit Bureau Dispute Fax Number: 866-533-1820

Twitter Handle: @Sears, @searscares



Main Support Line: 800-847-2911

Twitter Handle: @Visa, @AskVisa

Washington Mutual / WaMu

Washington Mutual card

Main Support Line: 800-356-0011

New Accounts: 888-687-2273

Twitter Handle: @wamu


Walmart card

Main Support Line: 877-294-7880

Commercial Accounts: 800-301-5546

Card Underwriting: 877-294-7548

Escalated Helpdesk: 877-294-7541

Twitter Handle: @Walmart

Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo card

Main Support Line: 800-642-4720

Application Status: 800-967-9521

Bill Payment: 800-869-3557

Twitter Handle: @WellsFargo, @Ask_WellsFargo

Wings Financial Credit Union

Wings Financial Credit Union cards

Main Support Line: 800-692-2274

Twitter Handle: @WingsFinancial

Will, there be a Hard Pull for Reconsideration?

Generally, there’ll be no Hard Pull after reconsideration, except for Barclaycard. However, you will be duly informed before Hard Pull and without your agreement, the process won’t proceed.

There could be a possibility that you disagree with their rejection reason. For example, the rejection cause is different from your credit report, or your report has changed and differs from the one while applying, or you haven’t call reconsideration long after last rejection until now.

In addition, if you need to prove that your report is qualified, then you have to empower them to pull you once at least. But then don’t authorize them to pull again. Just wait for one or two months before you apply for reconsideration again.

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