October 4, 2022
Lowe's Advantages Card in-depth Review

Lowe’s Advantage Card In-Depth Review

Do you often go for home improvement projects? If you’re a frequent shopper at Lowe’s and want to earn some discounts, the Lowe’s Advantage Card is for you. Lowe’s Advantage Credit Card can be the best choice for you as they give their cardholders extensive savings and financing options. 

Lowe’s Advantage Card

Lowe's Advantage Card

However, Lowe’s Advantage credit card can only be used for Lowe’s purchases and if you are looking for an everyday card, you may need to opt for a different card as this might not be the best option for you.

For those who do not worry about carrying multiple cards, the Lowe’s Advantage credit card comes into play. It offers great benefits that make it a great substitute card.

Lowe’s Advantage Card Features overview:

  • It offers 5 percent off on all purchases 
  • Comes with financing options for 6, 12, 18, or 24 months
  • Also avails big project financing for up to 84 months
  • Mobile app
  • 24/7 customer service
  • Weekly Freebies and Rewards

Long-Term Benefits With The Lowe’s Advantage Card

Each time you sign up for a regular Reward Card, the exhibitor will usually tell you what your Rewards will be. For example, at Chase Freedom Unlimited, all your purchases will be refunded at 1.5%.

The same goes with Blue Cash offered by American Express which cash-back: 6% for groceries, 3% for gas and 1% for everything else. With Lowe’s Advantage card, you can take advantage of various discounts and special promotions regularly.

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5% Off On Everyday Purchases or 0% Financing For 18 Months

The daily discount of 5% of the Lowe’s Advantage card is identical to that of the RED card. Every time you use your card at the time of registration or do online shopping, you will automatically receive a 5% discount on your purchase.

Appliances - Special Financing

According to the guidelines of the card, however, there are certain exclusions. You will not receive a 5% discount if you use:

  • Employee discount
  • Coupon Codes
  • Military discount
  • A price match
  • Price adjustments from managers
  • Extended warranties
  • Volume discounts
  • Contractor packs

Besides, you are not eligible to receive discounts on the following appliance brands:

  • ICON
  • Dacor
  • Monogram
  • Fisher & Paykel
  • Liebherr
  • Smeg
  • Kichler
  • Weber

One of the key benefits is that you will receive a 5% discount when you buy items on sale. The bad news is that you can not combine it with most discounts that are not for sale. This method is somewhat frustrating in our opinion, but it can be manageable as they offer many benefits with loyalty card rewards.

With this card, you have an option to choose between 0% interest for 18 months or to go for a 5% discount. However, this financing offer is very specific. As per the guidelines, the only way to claim 0% is to purchase or order products in the shop with installation service of $ 999 or more.

Please note that this financing offer, as well as the other offers mentioned, are interest discounting offers which means that you need to pay interest on the original purchase if you can’t pay off the purchase by the end of the promo 0 % APR period.

Interest-Free Purchases For Six Months

The next option you have when signing up for your card is to choose six-month interest-free financing or to go for a purchase of $ 299 or more.

6 Months Special Financing

This discount applies to any purchases made at any time, ie a non-business credit card that offers interest-free offers that expire a certain amount of time after the card is opened.

Project Financing

This reward is similar to the previous one but requires more costs and offers much longer repayment periods. These different repayment periods are also treated as loans. In this case, you have to return the purchase in fixed payments. The annual percentage varies depending on the repayment period:

  • 36 months: 3.99%
  • 60 months: 5.99%
  • 84 months: 7.99%

It is very important to remember that this offer will not be automatically added to the register, in contrast to what you get if you qualify for six-month financing.

Lowe’s Advantage Card’s Short-Term Rewards

Along with the above long-term benefits, the Advantage Card also offers you four different types of perks.

12 – 24 Months of Special Financing

Lowe’s special financing is a considerable solution for your day-to-day rewards. In general, if you choose to go with a 5% plan, then you have an option to get 12 – 24 months of 0% financing on purchases:

HVAC Project Financing

  • $299 – $998.99: 0% for 12 months
  • $999 – $1,998.99: 0% for 18 months
  • $1,999 or more: 0% for 24 months

These types of offers work with a time-delayed interest and are valid for one week, depending on the imprints.

0% APR on Appliance Purchases

Lowe’s grants you a 0% deferred interest rate for 12 months on device purchases of $ 299 or more. Remember, Lowe will charge interest on the full amount of the original purchase if you do not pay the balance after 12 months. This offer can not be combined with the 5% discount.

$30 Off Your First Purchase

To get this discount rate, you’ll have to obtain your card in-store and purchase before a due date that was established as part of the offer. Ask the client service or sales connect what that deadline is, as it changes throughout the year.

Now, this price cut just relates to your very first purchase with your Advantage Card. On the occasion that your acquisition can obtain a bigger discount with your 5%, then the 5% bonus offer will use and also you’ll shed the $30 deal. You can get the $30 off as long as you spend much less than $600.

Weekly Savings Coupons & Deals

The Lowe’s Advantage card gives you access to weekly promotional coupons and deals. Lowe’s has to offer great deals. For example, when you purchase any home appliances, garden furniture or patio accessories, they will give you 25 to 40% off coupons.

In addition to it, when you enter your zip code, Lowe’s smart algorithm will tell you exactly which offers are available in your area which is a great idea.

Should You Get A Lowe’s Advantage Credit Card?

Homeowners who are constantly searching for wood, nails, light bulbs, mulch or other things in the middle of the house, it is difficult to exceed the immediate 5% discount on any purchases you receive with the Lowe’s Advantage Card. (In comparison, the Home Depot Consumer Credit Card offers deferred interest finance, but does not reward purchases). That’s why the Lowe Advantage Card is one of NerdWallet’s most popular credit cards.

If you are a frequent shopper for your home improvement projects, and if you have one or more Lowe branches nearby, it’s almost no brainer to use a card which only works in only one store. Lowe’s Advantage Credit Card gives you the option to shop in multiple stores by just using a single card.

Lowe’s Store Credit Card Application Process

You can apply for the $ 30 Store Bonus for new cardholders in the store or you can apply online. At the beginning of your application, you will be asked to select one of the two-card templates. At this moment, you will have to provide personal information to process the request. The information provided must include your name and address, date of birth, social security number, email address, and net income.

Lowe Advantage credit card requests will then be processed by the Synchrony Bank. Normally, your application will be approved or rejected within 60 seconds, although in some cases an additional review of the application may be required. As with any credit card, the higher your credit rating will be, the more likely you are a step closer to get approved. After registering to receive a card, you can create a Lowe account and manage it online through the Synchrony Bank portal.

Registration Bonus And Promotions:

Lowe’s may offer some sign-up bonuses when you apply for the Lowe’s Advantage card. For example, cardholders can currently receive $ 30 off their first purchase in the store. Of course, restrictions apply. In this case, the buyer must ask in the store and redeem the coupon within a certain time, otherwise, the coupon is lost.

Comparable Cards:

Lowe’s business credit card is somewhat similar to Lowe’s consumer credit card, but with a marked difference. The commercial credit card also has no annual fee and offers a similar 5% discount on daily purchases. It is, however, a kind of Lowe American Express card, not just a Lowe loyalty card.

This means that the business card also gives you an option to make purchases outside of a Lowe’s store. If we talk about the interest rate, it is also lower from 14.49% to 19.49%. Before applying for any cards business owners must compare several credit cards to determine which one best suits their needs.

Benefits Of Using Lowe’s Advantage Card:

Signing up for the Lowe’s Advantage Card allows you to receive one of three benefits. The first benefit is that you will receive a 5% cash refund for every purchase you make. Unlike many business cards that limit the bonus amount to the day of your request, Lowe’s returns 5% each day. There are some limitations to it as well, but it would be a great way to save money on Lowe’s daily purchases.

Another benefit is that you will get a special 0% interest for six months for the purchase of $ 299. Suppose, If you need to buy a new fridge or household appliances, this may be the best option for you. This will give you six months to pay for your purchase before they start collecting interest.

If you are planning a major project, such as remodelling a kitchen or completing a basement floor, you can benefit from special financing for the project. You can choose between fixed monthly payments for 36, 60 or 84 months. The annual interest rate for 36 months would be 3.99% for 60 months it will be 5.99% and for 84 months it goes to  7.99%.

Because it’s a credit card, Lowe conducts a thorough investigation of your credit report to verify your creditworthiness. However, as with most personal credit cards, the requirements are lower than for a premium card is being issued by the bank. Even if your credit rating is slightly below average, you have a chance to get it approved.

Most high-paying credit cards also charge some sort of annual fees. The third benefit is that there’s not any kind of annual fee with the Lowe’s Advantage Card.

Pros of the Lowe’s Advantage Card:

We believe that the major advantage with this card is a 5% discount on Lowe’s purchases. Also, at regular intervals you will receive special financing offers based on the amount and items you purchase. The combined benefits this card helps the owner to save a lot of money, especially if you need to make big purchases and need financing.

Another benefit, in our opinion, is that you have the option to choose free six-month financing for purchases over $ 299. We believe that the users can benefit from having a long list of projects at the comfort of the home.

You can use the finance to plan your purchases, knowing that you pay over $ 299 with every purchase. Once you have paid the balance before the six months have passed, you can make your next large purchase with a 0 % interest for the six months.

Cons of the Lowe’s Advantage Card:

There is a major drawback with this card which you need to know before applying for it. The biggest disadvantage of this card is the high APR. If you need several months to pay for a purchase, it is probably best to choose a deferred interest loan instead of a 5% discount. This is due to the very high APR on this card.

Let’s say you buy $ 2,000 worth of building materials from Lowe and expect you to pay the same installments for six months. If you choose the 5% discount, the purchase price will be lowered to $ 1,900, but the 26.99% APR will cost you around $ 150 in interest, totaling about $ 2,050. On the other hand, if you opt for deferred interest finance and pay six months, the cost will get slightly reduced to $ 2,000.

Project Financing

If you use interest differentiation, you must try to fully pay the balance at least one month before the end of the funding period. If there is a possibility that your balance exceeds this point, it is best to use a standard credit card with an introductory offer of 0% APR. With a 0% card, you have to pay interest on the remaining amount after the introductory period and then afterward. There is no risk of return as with a Deferred Interest Store Card.

Who Can Benefit the Most?

Lowe’s Advantage credit card offers home improvement shoppers great benefits that optimize their purchases at Lowe’s. Even if no special financing arrangements are made, a cardholder who buys many home improvement products can save a significant amount of money every year with a 5% discount on the promotion. For example, a customer spending $ 2,000 a year on Lowe saves $ 100 a year by holding his card in his hand.

New Customer Credit Offer

A person planning a major renovation of their home and not paying the full cost in advance can benefit from the card. By financing the costs for 36 months with an annual interest rate of 3.99%, the cardholder pays much less interest than most credit cards.

Lowe’s Advantage Card’s Interest Rates and Fees

At the beginning of this article, we have mentioned that you can only benefit if you buy from Lowe’s. In this sense, it’s a true store credit card. The main disadvantage of this fact is that the card has a TPR of 26.99%, which is much more as compared to normal credit cards.

However, it is not so outrageous when compared to other business credit cards. For example, the Home Depot Consumer Card has an annual percentage (APR) of between 17.99% and 26.99%. If you have excellent credit, you can get this low rate.

The Advantage Card gives you a good or bad credit rating of 26.99%. This rate applies only if you do not pay the full amount every month. So do this to avoid high-interest expenses. The late payment charge is $ 38.

Mobile App

Lowe’s has done everything for mobile app users. There are three different apps that you can download (Lowe’s Mobile, Lowe’s Iris, which works with your IoT to help you remotely control your smart home devices, and Lowe’s TV for entertainment on the go), but I’ll not go with all. We’ll only take about Lowe’s mobile application here for app purchases.

The mobile app is beautifully designed and easy to use for newbie users. You can also use it to add your Lowe’s Advantage Card and pay immediately in any shop or online. You can create shopping lists using the search engine or the application department of the product, scan barcodes to find information about a specific item in the store, or limit your online search to items that you currently have. available at the store.

One of the most interesting aspects of Lowe’s mobile app is that you can work with Lowe’s project specialists to create a shopping list of the equipment you need for a project. And of course, you can manage all the details of your Lowe’s Advantage Card account through the app, including payment history, future payments, and more.

Customer Support

Lowe’s customer service team is the finest, knowledgeable, and 24/7 ready to solve your problems. I like that you can send a text message with questions and receive an answer via SMS. This greatly facilitates interaction with customer service. You can also call one of Lowe’s toll-free numbers if you’d rather talk to someone.

Alternatively, you can connect to Lowe anytime through one of their social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or YouTube.


In our opinion, If you shop often at Lowe’s to beautify your home, you can consider the Lowe’s Advantage card. Lowe’s Advantage card offers two major benefits to their existing customers: financing options and weekly discounts. From these benefits, you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

The ability to choose between a 5% cash refund and a special grant can help offset the cost of a project. Let me know in the comments section below what you think of Lowe’s Advantage Card and what feature you liked the most.

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