September 30, 2022

American Express “Black” Card: Everything You Need to Know

When we think of the world’s most prestigious and exclusive credit card, it’s the American Express Centurion Card, which is also known as the “Black” card. With this credit card, you can don the image of a wealthy person, paying for items that would take years for most Americans to earn.

American Express “Black” Card

The Black Card was a complete myth for the citizens before 1999. Gossips were around the market that an ultra black card was designed for the elite customers. This Amex card’s official name is registered as the ‘Centurion Card’. 

While the mystery around the card seems fascinating, let’s get some more information. 

How to Avail an American Express “Black” Card?

You can learn a lot about the Amex Black Card related to its terms and conditions. Surprisingly, there are no details available for the application of this credit card. It is simply due to the fact that this exclusive piece of metal or plastic card is received only through invitation. 

However, the recent developments give us speculations that a request is acknowledged for an invitation to apply for a black card. In that case, you have to be an Amex cardholder. 

Here’s a list of requirements for a black card based on user reports.

  • Be an active Amex cardholder for a year
  • Use different Amex cards
  • Charge a minimum of $250,000 per annum. (Though, estimates can be high as $450,000)

In this post, we are about to uncover more facts on the Amex “Black” Card that probably wouldn’t have come to your cognizance. 

Things to Know About the Mysterious and Exclusive Amex “Black” Card:

  • Requires Paying an Upfront Fee of $10,000

If you receive an invitation to apply for an Amex Black Card, you need to bear the expenses. For the use of this privilege card, you need to pay an initiation amount of $10,000. This seems to be unbelievable, a whopping $10,000 just to get a card!

But then, it’s the best travel credit card and doesn’t include any foreign transaction fees. However, this exclusive Centurion Card requires paying an annual fee of $5,000.

  • Invitation Equates to Approval

We are aware that no one can personally apply for the Black Card. Though, if you get an invitation it means you have accepted the card. The waiting period for this exclusive card is almost zero days. 

It requires a few expected procedures to complete the administrative work. Also, you have to know where to transfer the initiation fees of $10,000 before finally getting your hands on this premium card.

  • 24/7 Personal Concierge Program

Need front tickets for a concert program? How about securing a reservation at Guy Savoy? Or an extended hour of shopping done at Gucci? 

With Amex Centurion Card, no request is ignored as there is a deluxe Centurion concierge service. You can even put forward simpler requests for reminder calls such as anniversaries and birthdays. Completely, justifying the significant amount of annual charges you are paying.

  • The Perks are Mainly Travel-oriented

If you have plans to finance your expenses for shopping groceries and clothing then Amex Black Card is not for you. Obviously, you have to make some money before being considered eligible for the card. Although, the card is not designed for a person sitting at home like a skinflint. 

If you truly wish to justify being a Centurion cardholder then you have to travel all across the globe either for business or vacation.

  • You Have to Spend At Least $100k a Year

Only the Amex Centurion Card cardholders can reveal to you their monthly payment status. But you can be assured that it is more than the amount of money that most people fail to make in a year, even before paying taxes.

We don’t know if there is any monthly payment amount on this card. However, reports claim that cardholders have to pay a minimum of $100K in a year.

There are Two Versions of the Card:

Typically, we know individuals are considered as a cardholder of this premium Amex Card. Though, if the company feels an employee is worthy enough then they can offer the business version. 

This is something really difficult to imagine as to who the company would trust to hold a Centurion Card. Probably an employee can be trusted to use the card on a temporary basis or just the number and not more than that.

  • You can Get Authorization on this Card

You might have a friend or family member who possesses a Black Card and you wish to help them. It will be easy to authorize their name on this Amex Card. 

But then the consequential figures of $5,000 as an annual fee, one on their card and the other on yours is way too much, doubling the expenses. It really unfolds the value of the card which is meant for people who spend extravagantly.

  • No Preset Spending Limits

This feature might actually seem to be crazy but then you have to be a millionaire to become the cardholder. One of the best-known perks or rewards of the Centurion Card is that there is no preset limit or credit limit on spending amount. 

Totally worth your impulse buying behavior. Make sure you have enough money in your accounts because the charges need to be paid in full.

  • Automatic Car Rental Elite Status

When you rent a car using your Amex Centurion Card there are certain privileges you will avail yourself of instantly. These are given below: 

  • Receiving elite status with car rental companies like Avis and Hertz
  • Primary car rental insurance (when you reject collision damage waiver)
  • Road assistance programs like jumpstarting and free towing

You will receive access to the luxury rental services using your Centurion Auto program. It will also give you preferred pricing on exotic and high-end premium vehicles like Bentleys, Lamborghinis, and even Formula One racing cars.

  • Automatic Elite Hotel Statuses

What’s more fascinating for Centurion cardholders is to have automatic Marriott Bonvoy Gold Elite status. This translates to premium upgrades like free luxurious suites and later check-out facilities. 

You will also receive many elite hotel statuses including IHG Priority Club Rewards Platinum Elite, Hilton Honors Diamond, and Relais & Châteaux 5C, with complimentary perks on the internet and membership. There will also be membership on Centurion Hotel Program, which avail benefits at luxury hotel chains of Belmond, Peninsula Hotels, Aman, Mandarin Oriental, and St. Regis.

  • The Card is Created from Anodized Titanium

Previously the premium American Express Black Card was comprised of plastic just like most other credit cards. But after 2006, the card features a premium model made from anodized titanium. 

This extra little heft seems relevant considering its immense purchasing power. Moreover, the new frame of the card makes it more durable for lasting.

  • Invitation to this High-End Amex Card is a Secret

We know that Centurion Card is available only through invitation. The invitation is not based on how much you earn, how wealthy you are, or how good your credit score is. 

The prospective membership for the cardholders is based on a closely guarded secret. However, the agreement to receive an invitation will require you to spend more than $25,000 on other Amex credit cards.

  • Huge Benefits if You Fly with Delta

This premium Amex card has a Delta Platinum Medallion status offered in its program. You will feel noteworthy flying with Delta featuring complimentary benefits like priority check-ins and boarding. 

There are also no charges for reissuing the mileage tickets. This is one of the greatest benefits when using the Amex Black Card. 


It’s true that we can’t plunge deeper to unfold the secrets of the American Express “Black Card”. The company wants to hide a few things to safeguard the interest of the ones who are actually using this card.


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