September 30, 2022
Are Minors Liable to Pay for their PayPal Debt

Are Minors Liable to Pay For Their PayPal Debt?

Online fund transfers have been made much easier ever since the emergence of PayPal, a 20-year old online payment system that today functions all across the globe. And as a platform revolving around financial transactions, it’s mandatory for PayPal to have secure & strict policies. Here we will discuss about how can minors use Paypal?

This saves both the customers as well as the company from unnecessary losses or frauds. One such loss that such financial platforms are prone to occur is of debt. All of us are known about the legal steps, which can be taken against such adult debtors. But seldom do we get to read/learn about the minor debtors of PayPal.

Let us throw some light on the same and share about the policies of PayPal concerning the minor debtors, worldwide.

Does PayPal Offer Accounts to Minors?

Does PayPal Offer Accounts to Minors

Gone are the days when PayPal offered student accounts to children and teenagers. If a child is under the age of 18, he/she can make a student account and get an adult as their primary account holder who signs up on their behalf. By this process, the respective adult becomes legally accountable for every transaction made with this account.

And hence, though technically a student/child can not open a PayPal account, they still can have one with an adult signing up on their behalf and taking up the responsibility for every transaction that happens through that account. This clearly states that a minor can certainly open a PayPal account, but only after meeting all the primary requirements as per the policies of PayPal.

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Policies For Opening a PayPal Account: Can you Make a Paypal under 18

Does PayPal Offer Accounts to Minors

Opening an account with every financial security firm involves some wealthy amount of paper-work, which is essential for future security purposes. This works in favor of both the account holder as well as the respective financial security firm. Similarly, it is in the case of opening an account with PayPal, too. Let us throw some light on the policies that involve in opening a PayPal account:

  • One can only open an account in their respective resident country/territory
  • One needs to be 18 or above to be able to open a PayPal account and avail its services
  • PayPal holds the right to pay the amount due in your name, without having to priorly inform you
  • Even if you’re a minor when the debt occurred/account opened, you’re liable to pay the debt that’s been signed up in your account
  • If the account holder has an amount due against PayPal, legal actions can be taken

Role of Collection Agency in PayPal Debt:

Role of Collection Agency in PayPal Debt

Debt collection always tends to be a more tedious and tiresome task. And like several other financial security firms, PayPal also outsources this job to the Debt Collection Agency.

  • PayPal sells the debt to a collection agency.
  • Once, the debt collection agency gets in charge of your debt, you owe it to that agency & not PayPal anymore
  • You start getting calls, letters & follow-up from the collection agency, thereafter
  • If you send a check/cash against the payable debt, your matter gets closed and you get saved from the risk of a legal case & the headache involved in it.

Minor’s Debt with PayPal: Can a Minor have a Paypal Account?

The debt of a minor’s account is as much important to pay as for any other adult’s account. Here we share narrowed-down information relating to a minor’s PayPal account and the debt that they’re liable to pay.

  • Even if the debt was taken while the account holder was minor, it is supposed to be paid.
  • In case of the payable debt, while the account holder is still a minor their guardian/parents/the person who signed up for their account is accountable against the respective debt
  • If you’ve bluffed PayPal about your age while opening an account, you may face criminal charges
  • If the minor account holder commits a crime, he/she can be convicted for the respective fraud. Larger the debt/fraud, higher the chances of criminal charges
  • Generally, the chance of a minor of facing criminal charges is lower as compared to that of an adult account holder – even you’ve forged the birthdate until it has not been officially proven

Paying of the Minor’s Debt:

Paying of the Minor’s Debt

Under every situation mentioned above or others, where the account holder is liable to pay the debt – whether minor or not, it is advisable to pay it off as soon as possible to avoid any kind of criminal charges or actions. Even in the case of a minor, who owes the debt to PayPal, you can always contact the debt collector and they can guide you through the process. This way you can legally come out of the situation before it can get worse. Let us get you through one such process that you can follow, when under one such similar situation:

  • Write a letter to the debt collector, explaining the situation.
  • Submit the document proof for your age with the letter
  • Send it across to the collection agency’s registered office in 30 days according to the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act
  • The debt collector will guide you through the process of debt payment and stop annoying you with constant follow-ups
  • If the agency, still sends the letter through the lawyers, you can still pay the debt and rest the case


It’s imperative that you provide correct information to PayPal, in order to avoid any such hassle. And paying off the debt on time also a wise thing to be done, be it the case of a minor’s account or that of a major. No financial security firm or the debt collection agency involved in such matters let go of their debt. And hence, it’s highly advised to pay off your debts to PayPal too and keep yourself free from any such unnecessary issues!

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