October 4, 2022
Buy An International SIM Card

Should You Buy An International SIM Card For Your Next Trip?

International SIM Card: Most people are confused and make wrong decisions when traveling. This is especially true when it comes to being in touch with our loved ones. Many of us often make mistakes by taking their local SIM cards on travel, this is expensive and in some situations impractical.

Although local SIM cards are an ideal option for short breaks and locals, they are not suitable for globetrotters, business people, and long-term travelers.

Buy An International SIM Card:

With international SIM cards or travel SIM cards, you can use your smartphone worldwide. Unlike local SIM cards used by your current mobile network operator, international SIM cards are not tied to a specific operator. They use different mobile networks in different countries, which are compatible with the SIM card.

International sim card

Buying or not buying an international SIM card depends on many factors. Of course, this also depends on your personal preferences. Therefore, there are no fixed rules for buying or not buying this type of SIM card. Generally, you must buy an international SIM card if the following cases apply to you.


Entrepreneurs often make several important business trips during the year and travel from country to country for short trips. Most of these trips take only a few days. Since time is money, it is better to buy an international SIM card if it belongs to this category.

Roaming on your local SIM would be much more expensive and uncomfortable. Also, you do not want to buy the country’s local SIM card as it is only available for a short time.

Regular Travelers:

People who like to travel and go on vacation should buy an international SIM card. These people are operating and travel mainly for pleasure. If you’re one of them, you do not want to bother finding mobile stores in each affected country to buy the local SIM card.

Sometimes you may need to call home, call a taxi service, etc. In such situations, an international SIM card is not only practical but also saves time. Also, frequent flyers like the idea of ​​keeping their idle minutes on international SIM cards for their next trip.

People on Tight Budget:

As mentioned earlier, traveling with roaming enabled on your local SIM card will incur unnecessary and additional costs for your phone’s monthly bill. These costs can easily accumulate when traveling abroad. Some operators may charge up to $ 4.99 per minute for outgoing calls. Now it’s really extravagant!

If you are traveling on a budget, look for an international SIM card. They are cheap compared to your country sim and also data usage costs lower.

Best International SIM Cards:


OneSim is the number one international sim card offered by the American operator Belmont Telecom, which is available in three different variants:One SIM

  • OneSIM: It is useful for international calls and messages as well as for limited data services
  • Data and Roaming Card: Benefit from international calls, messages, and data
  • OneSim Europe: Good for international calls, SMS and data in Europe.

All packages give customers two numbers, one in Estonia and one in the US. USA, Canada, UK or Australia. Numbers from other countries are also available. All packages are prepaid and include incoming calls and free messages for many countries, as well as reduced rates for outgoing calls.

In How Many Countries Does It Work?

SIM Plus and Data & Roam cards work in more than 200 countries, including Europe.

Data Plans:

Data plans start with $ 0.05 per MB for Plus (Limited Availability) and Data, $ 0.03 per MB for Europe. The data packets vary depending on the SIM card used and your destination. For example, in many European countries, 1GB of valid data per month costs $ 19 in the Super Select data package.

Outbound Calls:

Outbound calls cost $ 0.29 per minute for Plus (voice plans available) and $ 0.25 per minute for Europe.


All SIM cards are equipped with VoIP application, 24×7 technical support, Skype and Viber pairing free Wi-Fi calls, voicemail, and miles with multiple loyalty programs.


World SIMWorldSIM is also the best choice for travelers as they offer voice, messaging and data plans in more than 200 countries and promises to reduce roaming charges by 95%.

These Sim cards are available in four variants:

  • Infinite: It ships with voice plans and automatically connects to 50 million Wi-Fi hotspots worldwide.
  • Data: useful for users who are more on the internet data network
  • International: Useful for voice, and data users.
  • UK travel: intended for UK residents, who are used for voice, data, and messages at home and abroad.

Users receive UK and US numbers with their card and can add numbers from other countries for an additional fee. Incoming calls are free in 95 countries.

In How Many Countries Does It Work?

It operates in 200 countries for international and infinite SIM cards as well as in 188 data-compatible countries and in 190 countries for travelers in the UK.

Data Tariffs:

Data tariffs start at $ 0.10 per MB, but there are also data plans available starting at $ 13.50 for 500MB per week. Data and opportunity package prices vary by destination, but most packages work in multiple countries.

Outbound Calls:

WorldSim outbound calling plan start at $ 0.18 per minute.


Users can sign up for an unlimited number of national numbers in more than 50 countries for $ 2.50 per number. WorldSIM also offers a global Wi-Fi pass, which allows you to access your Wi-Fi hotspots from $ 22.50.

  • KeepGo:


KeepGo is the key solution for travelers who are obsessed with frequent traveling. This international SIM card avoids voice and messages and focuses only on mobile data.

In How Many Countries Does It Work?

It is compatible with 64 countries in America, Europe, and Asia.

Data Tariffs:

The lifetime data SIM card contains 1 GB for use within one year. KeepGo can purchase additional packages ranging from $ 19 for 500 MB to $ 219 for 10 GB. The data remains active as long as it is charged at least once a year.

Outgoing Calls:

It has no outgoing plans. Users can call from any VoIP service, including Skype, FaceTime, Viber, and more.


KeepGo offers one of the main benefits of the lifelong installation of a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot.



Like most competitors, GoSIM offers voice, messaging, and data plans for international use.

It comes with four variants:

  • International: Good for language, messaging, and data around the world
  • Data: Provides excellent international data by MB or packet
  • Europe: the best map for voice, news, and data in Europe
  • USA: Best for international calls from the USA.

Users get a UK number that they can use worldwide. As in other companies, incoming calls are free in most countries. However, incoming messages do not cost nine cents each.

In How Many Countries Does It Work?

It works 190 for the international, 120 for the data, 41 countries for Europe.

Data Tariffs:

The data plan starts at $ 0.25 per MB. However, fares vary depending on the nationality and destination of the user. For a lark, the cost of using 1 MB of data in Botswana for a Sri Lankan traveler is $ 0.89. Alternatively, data packages for 250 MB for all plans start at $ 29. It is also expected 500 MB, 1 GB, and 2 GB.

Outbound Calls:

As with data charges, prices start at $ 0.25 per minute and also vary by nationality and destination.


Their offers cover for 150 cruises in 380 networks as well as on some flights.



KnowRoaming offers physical SIM cards, an eSIM service, or a special sticker that is placed at the top of your standard SIM card in your device. If you are in another country, connect to local voice, messaging, and data networks. You buy the SIM card with a starting balance and add others through the website or application.

The company also sells mobile hotspots and uses WhatsApp for free for 30 days when you top up your balance. We write here a complete review of the service.

In How Many Countries Does It Work?

It works in 200 countries for voice data and à la carte, in 90 countries for unlimited data.

Data Plans: The data plan starts at $ 3.99 per day for “unlimited” use in eligible countries. Packages are also available that provide a specific amount of data for a period of 15 to 30 days for worldwide use or in specific regions. The plan starts at $ 0.15 per MB but prices may vary based on nationality and destination.

Outbound Calls:

Outbound call rates start at $ 0.11 per minute for both landline and mobile phones, but they change based on the destination and country you’re calling from.


If you use the KnowRoaming sim card, you do not need to remove it on return, it will simply stay inactive until your next trip abroad. A local EE number will be assigned to you for free and with the availability of a call transfer.



Like KeepGo, GigSky focuses only on data, without calls or voice messages. Packages are available from 50 MB to 5 GB.

The service is available to users of all devices, but has one drawback: iPad users with an Apple SIM card have more room to use GigSky.

In How Many Countries Does It Work?

It works in more than 180 countries for Apple iPad users. SIM, 90 for iPhone / Android / Windows users.

Data Plans:

GigSky prices vary slightly depending on your country of residence and destination.

For US citizens, prices start at $ 10 for 800MB per day, up to $ 50 for 5GB per month in a particular region. To persons residing in the euro area, prices for the same services vary between 15 and 50 euros. For UK residents, it costs £ 12- £ 40. A global plan valid in 120 countries is available at a higher cost.

As with KnowRoaming, buy the SIM card with an Amazon base package and add additional data packages as needed. Note that certain destinations have specific limitations on the amount of data available. You must, therefore, check the desired destination.

Outgoing Calls:

As with KeepGo, no voice plans. Users can call from any VoIP service, including Skype, FaceTime, Viber, and more.


GigSky offers a business plan that allows companies to manage multiple accounts and track the allocation and use of data.



Surfroam provides only a data connection just like Gigsky and KeepGo. The service is available to users of all mobile devices or access points, including those with eSIM support.

In How Many Countries Does It Work?

Their services are available in more than 200 countries.

Data Plans: Surfroam makes the prices easy to understand and does not require the purchase of certain packages in advance. Each country has a single rate per megabyte from € 0.01 / MB (€ 10 per gigabyte). The details of the individual countries can be found on the price page.

You pay 15-20 € plus shipping for the SIM card, but receive the same amount as a credit balance on your account. Then download online if necessary.

Language Packs:

It has no voice or SMS service included. If you want to send and receive calls or text messages, you must use Skype, WhatsApp, Google Voice or similar.


Surfroam offers physical SIM cards and an eSIM service for the same price per megabyte. If you have a recent Google Pixel iPhone or smartphone or one of the few eSIM-compatible phones, tablets, and laptops, it’s worth it.

Tips For After Opting for an International SIM card:

When you are using an international SIM card during travels, there are a few things to keep in mind. And most of them is the difference between communication and a huge phone bill.

Custom Call Plans:

First of all, it should be remembered that international communication, regardless of its responsibility, will not be cheap. However, there are ways to cut costs. For example, if you know that you are more in contact with one person than another, it is better to define your international SIM card plan accordingly. If you choose cheaper rates and receive calls from that person’s country, you can certainly save money.

Local Numbers:

Many telecom providers offer enviable offers for their international calling rates, but possibly only for certain countries. The other side is the use of an international calling card instead of a local card. If you are in France and want to call a French number, it will not be charged as a local call, but as an international call.

If you want to stay in one country for the duration of your holiday, it may be best to purchase a local SIM card. Unless you need to keep in touch with your family on a regular basis. It is important to weigh the balance to compare the cheapest option.

Wireless Data:

The same rule applies to wireless data. Most users of international SIM cards are usually surprised to discover the cost of surfing the Internet at the end of their stay. Again, it is better to use an international SIM card when traveling to a Eurotrip and planning to travel to Austria, Germany, and Italy. Otherwise, keep the local SIM card and mobile data of the country in which you will be staying. Try to find wireless access points: they are fashionable in Europe and the United States.

Hidden Data Usage:

Smartphones usually have an automatic feature that lets your phone use Internet data to stay up-to-date. This means that your Twitter feed, your Instagram photos, your email address, and Facebook will continue to be updated with any data you ignore and that have been used. It’s the use of hidden data that your smartphone takes for granted and that costs a pump if you have an international SIM card.

Be smart and disable all push notifications and hidden data using the mobile data settings option on your phone. Most well-informed travelers “connect” at certain times of the day to reconnect with civilization and turn them off at the end of the day. This saves costs and how.

Go Offline:

Since you are in a foreign country, you are likely to need the Internet to help you sometimes, whether you get to places or find lucrative travel deals and discounts. It’s a good idea to download Google Maps offline to avoid using your mobile data.

Apps like Foursquare also have an offline feature that keeps you up to date with the latest restaurant offerings in your host country. Remember that it is not the phone calls but the Internet that is the primary responsibility for your mobile phone bill. Therefore, try to keep this to a minimum, especially with an international SIM card.


After reading the article, I am now sure that you have understood the choice of options and prices. Now, it will be easy for you to save money with an international SIM card while traveling.If you are not a frequent traveler, you may find it cheaper or more convenient simply to add a temporary roaming package to your existing SIM card.

If you travel more frequently or are planning a longer stay in a country or region, you can save money with an international SIM card. Let me know your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below what you think is the best international SIM card.

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