October 4, 2022
How To Increase Credit Limit (It’s Easier Than You Think!)

How to Increase Credit Limit

Depending on your financial stability, it may be helpful or disadvantageous to increase your credit card limit. If you can pay your credit card bill fully and on a timely basis each month, increasing your credit limit can make you more flexible and improve your credit score by lowering your credit usage. However, if excessive spending is a problem for you, a higher credit limit can worsen the situation in this case.

What is Credit Limit?

credit limit

This is the maximum amount that you can spend with credit cards or overdrafts. When you apply for a credit card, you usually do not know what the credit limit will be, although the maximum can be given to new customers.

Often you will not be informed of your current credit limit until you receive your new card. This can be a real problem in some cases. For example, if you want to transfer an existing balance to use a 0% contract, but your new credit limit is too low, you may be disappointed.

If this is important, ask the card provider before submitting your application and signing the loan agreement. The card provider should be able to give you an idea of ​​the amount that is likely to be offered to you. However, you may need to check your credit history first to make sure you are eligible and able to pay that amount.

If you are willing to increase your credit limit, here are 6 ways that can help you out:

Increase credit limit

1. Request New Card with Higher Credit Limit:

Sometimes it is very easy to apply for a new card as each card can have its own credit limit depending on the number of inhabitants.

You can select a credit card company, request a new card, cancel it, or request a new card from your current lender and, once approved, assign part of your new credit to the card you originally intended. Yes, you can do so by assuming that your balance is above average and you receive much more than you originally requested.

2. Select an Existing Card To Apply For A High Credit Limit:

Choose a card in your wallet where you want to increase the limit. Do not assume that your chances of getting approval are greater if you ask all of your credit issuers.

When applying for an increase, the issuer must extract its credit history to determine if it is solvency.

This credit deduction is noted in your credit report and your credit rating is slightly reduced. If several issuers withdraw their report, this is not so bad. In addition, issuers can see that they are also being watched by other issuers, which means they are in dire need of money. This is a red flag in the eyes of credit companies and can affect your chances of getting a license.

3. Defend Your Case, But Do Not Be Desperate:

If you call the issuer and tell them that you are in an emergency, and believe that your sobs make him understand your situation and raise your credit limit, think again.

Do not tell them why you need them, tell them why you deserve it. Here are some good reasons why:

  • You have been a loyal customer for X years/month and have never lost a payment. (Do not ask for an increase if you’ve been a customer for less than six months.)
  • You pay the full amount every month or
  • Always pay more than the minimum balance
  • You use 30% or less of your current limit
  • Your payments are always on time.
  • Your income has increased lately

And remember, being nice to the person on the other side of the phone can also be helpful: it just does their job, so do not take the financial frustration. Not only is it impolite not to help you, but also, when you yell or curse a salesman, you may have the right to remain guiltless.

4. Do Not Be Greedy When Asking For A Raise:

Requesting an excessive raise can be seen as another warning sign that can lead to a rejection from your side and may prompt you to wait another few months to resubmit.

Also, do not ask the representative how much you should ask. Credit card companies forbid their employees from giving you these tips. There is an unconquered standard stating that 10 to 25% is a good percentage for the target. If you have a limit of $ 1,000 you will receive another $ 250.

However, this is not a firm rule: people with a good credit rating can get much more, and every situation is different. If you get much more, do not be tempted by the new credit limit to excessive spending.

5. Go With A Balance Transfer:

If you do not know how credit transfers work, it simply means that you transfer your credit from one credit card to another.

This can be a very good deal as many credit issuers currently do not offer interest in remittances of up to one year or more. This means that you will no longer pay interest for this period if you move your credit from Card A to Card B. In fact, financially, this is a very smart move. This can save you hundreds of dollars.

So, what are you doing?

Balance transfer fees: Check if there is one and see if it’s worth it. If you save the same amount you save, that’s not such a good deal.

Given you do not pay the full amount before the interest-free period, the new issuer may receive the money from the interest you are now charging and which has been paid to your previous issuer.

Suppose you tell your issuer that you are requesting an increase so that you can transfer your balance, they will probably want it to work, provided they can rely on you to make the payments if you have a decent credit rating history.

6. Wait For Natural Increase To Occur:

Credit issuers usually review their accounts every six months, and those with good reputations receive regular limit increases. Continue to be a good customer and always pay on time. If you can change it, you pay the full amount every month. Be patient, good things happen to those who wait!

How Can You Apply For An Increase In Your Credit Limit?

credit limit

There are several ways to request an increase, and card issuers use different rules for assessing the claim. Some card companies extract your credit report, even for a small top-up requirement, others do not. Keep in mind that the reason why this is important is that when you withdraw your credit report, a request will be added to your credit report that will slightly adversely affect your creditworthiness.

Online: It is often possible to request an increase in the credit limit on the website of your credit card issuer. This is usually a simple process, but you may need to provide some information, such as: For example, the latest information about your income and your debt.

Telephone: Simply dial the phone number on the back of your card and ask a service representative if you are eligible for a higher credit limit. If you are eligible a service representative will assist you in the further process.

Advantages of Increasing Your Credit Limit:

Advantage of increase credit limit

1. Reduce Credit Usage & Increase Your Credit Score:

The FICO credit rating model reduces your credit rating if the amount of credit you are using is close to the total available credit. In fact, he says he risks optimizing his cards and has difficulty making his future payments. You may be aware that these risks do not really affect you, but this is how the rating model works.

If you have a credit limit of $ 2,000. Regularly have a monthly bill of approximately $ 1,800, use 90% of your available credit. Increasing your credit limit reduces this percentage and should improve your credit rating.

2. Cheaper & Easier To Get Loans And Additional Loans:

If you do not use nearly all your available credit, you seem to be financially accountable to the credit bureaus and your creditworthiness should rise. If your credit rating is higher, you are more likely to receive a credit card, best car loan, or best mortgage rates in the future. You also have a better chance of getting a lower interest rate because the credit score determines whether you are offered the best available interest rate or a risk-adjusted higher interest rate.

3. Help In An Emergency:

A credit limit well above the usual spending amount will provide you with a resource if you can not pay in cash in a real emergency. Suppose you travel and have to change your plans and go home immediately. It probably will not be cheap to change your plane ticket, and it’s easier to pay for a plane ticket with a credit card.

4. Increase Your Rewards:

If you pay your balance constantly and on time, but do not write all the expenses on your credit card, it may be time to get started. A higher credit limit can help you with this. It is commonly believed that you should not burden your credit card with daily expenses such as food or gasoline. This note only applies if you have a credit balance. It is designed to help you avoid this aggravating a serious problem.

If you’ve never had a credit card balance, paying your credit cards for recurring expenses costs nothing. It can help you get more rewards. These rewards can significantly reduce your expenses in other areas by helping you to pay for your vacations, gifts, clothing and night outings.

5. Enables You To Make Important Purchases Efficiently:

You already know that using your credit card to pay for large purchases is convenient. It can help you earn points. What you may not know is that credit card is likely to contain a number of consumer protection measures. That can save you from problems with your purchase.

For example, MasterCard covers include extended warranties, price protection, and coverage for damaged or stolen items. American Express offers similar advantages. Check your credit card agreement to find out what protection your cards are.

6. Helps You To Avoid Sinking Credit Scores:

One way to get more credit is to buy another credit card. However, increasing the limit on an existing card may be a better option. According to FICO, opening a new credit card can affect your score. Open a new account, the duration of credit history is reduced and a long history often means a better score.

The age of your account and the average age of all your accounts will be reflected in your credit history. This indicator affects about 15% of your score.

Is Increasing The Credit Limit Better Than Opening A New Card?

The answer to this query depends on your current situation. If your credit report is in good and you have paid on all accounts on time. It may be approved for a new credit card, possibly with even higher limits than your current card. If your loan is outstanding, you may even be eligible for a reward card as well as some credit card benefits.


We have covered all aspects of increasing a credit card limit to understand that a higher limit can easily tempt you to carry more and take a dangerous path. Do not change your consumption habits in the wrong sense of greater prosperity. If you continue to use the credit only in an emergency.

If you know that you can pay the balance in full every month. Always keep your credit balance below 30%. By following these guidelines, you are helping to maintain a healthy credit rating. What’s your opinion and suggestions regarding the same, let us know in the comments section below.

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