August 16, 2022
How to Load Your Walmart Money Card

How to Load Your Walmart Money Card?

Walmart Money Card

What is a Walmart Money Card?

The Walmart MoneyCard is in its basic form a debit card which is provided by Walmart and it requires no bank account or credit check. Hence, the Walmart Money Card avoids any kind of overdraft fees. Here we will discuss about how does Walmart money card work?

The Walmart Money Card is available in both Visa and MasterCard versions and this card can be used not only at Walmart but is also usable at all other retailers who accept Visa or MasterCard. There are several types of Walmart MoneyCard available like a Preferred Card which is different from the regular card when it comes to the fees.

Load your Walmart Money Card:

Load Your Walmart Money Card

You can add money to the card at any time through a direct deposit. All you have to do is to get reload at a register by getting check cash at Walmart or by using a Walmart money center express machine which is nearest to your location. There is also an option for online bank transfer which also sends your tax refund directly to your card account.

Direct Deposit walmart money card:

Direct Deposit

Payroll checks, as well as your government benefits, can be easily loaded directly into a Walmart MoneyCard through the use of direct deposit option. This service is absolutely free of cost and you can choose to deposit all or maybe a part of your check.

Employers will have to notify the bank of direct deposits before at least two days the decided official “payday”. Walmart then gets in touch with your retailer and then transfers the funds to the card early.

Rapid Reload: Where can I reload my walmart money card?

This option allows the customers to load between $20 and $1,100 to their Walmart MoneyCard by getting it to swipe at the register at Walmart or any other participating retailer of choice. There is, however, a $3 fee for this service. But the nominal charge is wave for the Preferred cardholders.

Check Cashing:

Check Cashing

If you want to cash your paycheck or your government benefits check at Walmart, then the funds are instantly loaded into your Walmart MoneyCard. No, reload fees are charged for this service, but there may be a charge incurred for cashing the check to get your Walmart Money Card loaded.

However, this option is not available in New Jersey, New York, and Rhode Island. If you are using the MoneyCard’s smartphone app, then you also have the option to deposit checks to your card account through your smartphone camera, according to Walmart.

Walmart Money Center Express:

Walmart Money Center Express

These centers usually locate toward the front gates of Walmart stores where the customer service department is generally situated.

They allow you to add funds to your Walmart Money Card, check your card balance, purchase your money orders and they also allow you to buy phone cards. Fees apply for these services depending on the type of Walmart MoneyCard and the type of transaction you are making.

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Online Transfer:

Online Transfer

The online bank transfer typically takes between one to three business days and also there is no reloading fee for this service. However, your bank may charge you for making the electronic transfer.

Tax Refunds:

Tax Refunds

If you usually file your income taxes electronically, then you can opt to directly deposit your income tax refund into your Walmart Money Card. There is no reloading fee for this service.

You just have to send your card number and mobile phone number to Walmart which will then text you the direct-deposit information and then you have to enter the same into your tax forms.

The standard IRS processing time will be applicable, although e-filing for income tax returns typically allows you to receive the refund faster than while filing by mail.

Benefits of  Walmart Moneycard:


The Walmart MoneyCard offers to its customers many of the benefits found on all Visa and MasterCard debit cards which also include fraud protection. The service of online bill payment is also free.

Customers can Buy money orders, checks to a landlord for free, or even set recurring monthly payments for utility and other bills such as for your auto insurance. These Walmart money cards also allow you to transfer funds to friends or family living anywhere in the United States.

Customers can also earn cash-back rewards through shopping at allowing for 3% cashback, Murphy USA and Walmart fuel stations allowing 2% cashback and Walmart retail stores which allow a 1% cashback. The maximum limit for cashback rewards capped at $75 a year.


Charges And Fees

Walmart Money Cards cost between $1 and $4 in order to buy and the actual cost depends on the card type you are buying. The regular card comes with a $5 monthly service fee, which is easily waived off if you have $1,000 or more into the card in the month before.

The Preferred card has a $3 service fee and it is waive off if you load at least $500 to the card within the same month or if you have payroll or government benefits deposit directly to your card.

ATM withdrawals cost $2.50 if you are using the regular card and $2 if you are using the Preferred one. However, the Preferred card also lets you make free withdrawals from 24,000 MoneyPass ATMs.

Other fee differentials of the Walmart Money Card include a 3% foreign transaction fee for the regular card and a 2% foreign transaction fee for the Preferred one. The Preferred card also lets you avoid the $0.50 balance inquiry fee at ATMs if you are using one of the MoneyPass ATMs.


Loading money to the Walmart Money Card is easy and can be done by utilizing any of the various options available. The Walmart MoneyCard provides you with a number of free services and other benefits, especially if you are frequent Walmart shoppers. It also offers a lot of convenient ways to load money into the card.

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