August 16, 2022
Best Time To Buy Appliances

When Is The Best Time To Buy Appliances?

Appliances such as washing machines, refrigerators, dishwashers, and ovens are major household purchases and shouldn’t be an impulse purchase. Also, timing should be right to hit the best of deals while buying such products. Probably the best time is when stores want you to buy from them more than your desire to buy from them. This translates into the fact that you get more value for your money. Read this to know When Is the Best Time To Buy Appliances?

Best Time To Buy Appliances Packages?

Buy Appliances

As a customer, we should be smarter in our approach and analyze the trends that the retailers follow while offering big discounts and deals on sales. A little bit of research helps. For any appliance purchase, two aspects of quality and value for money are crucial to any customer. Hence, buying that required appliance for your household should be done at the right time. Some of the best time to buy appliances are thus illustrated below.

1. After a New Model Releases


It is quite natural that once a new model releases, prices of the older model drops. Brand new appliances with great features, uniqueness, and the latest technology are launched with much glitter and get huge attention from prospective buyers. And this is exactly the time when the earlier model prices are available at a lesser price and could be a great buy.

And as for the new model is concerned, there’s no reason to feel betrayed, as new models come with their baggage – they are prone to initial technical glitches and service issues. So let them struggle with those, while you enjoy the best deals.

It is also seen that whenever an enhanced model comes in the market, retailers may need to make room for the new inventory, and they are more likely to offer deals on the previous models. So just keep your eyes open and grab the opportunity.

2. Month Ends

best month to buy appliances

Some retailers have monthly sales quota, these are more localized retailers. Sometimes we found the best month to buy appliances. You can track their offers before you approach them and ask for a discount upfront. If they have the mandate of clearing stocks then you might get lucky to get your choice appliances at a discounted rate, else you have to take a “No” for an answer. But that’s okay, you can buy it elsewhere.

3. Holidaysbest holiday to buy appliances

Holiday seasons are the best time to fetch a deal for your appliance purchase. That’s the time when retailers offer deals and discounts on their products. Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labour Day, Veterans Day, and Black Friday are some of those popular holidays when attractive offers are available on most of the branded appliances.

Since Memorial Day coincides with May, Maytag runs its month-long promotion. Even Lowe’s and JC Penny offer a 30-40% discount on some selected appliances. Similarly, to celebrate the Fourth of July, electronic stores and department stores tend to host sales from the first week of July.

Labour Day weekend that marks the end of summers, get to see stores mostly come up with seasonal promotions. And due to Black Friday, the entire November is typically a month of deals and discounts.

Also, if you closely notice, September-October-November and January are the months when appliance manufacturers roll out new models, and that’s the reason why most of the retailers would want to get rid of last year’s inventory and offer them at a discounted rates.

4. Weekday Mornings and Afternoons

Weekends are generally rush hours at the stores, where customers throng together to utilize their off days from work to buy stuff for their household. If you can take out some time off from work, shopping for a new appliance on a weekday gives you more time to negotiate with the sales staff. Apart from that, you get more space to roam around and look for the best deals.

5. Targeting Seasonal Items During The Off-season

Seasonal products like air-conditioners, room heaters, etc are in high demand during summers and winters respectively, as result prices remain at a peak. However, if these seasonal products are bought during the off-season, you may end up getting it at the best price.

Best Time To Buy Appliances Online:

Buy Appliances Online

Although it’s easy to browse through various sites and make a comparative analysis of a particular product and its pricing. This, in turn, helps you to decide on a particular brand of appliance you would like to purchase.

You can then wait for a festive offer, end of season sale, Cyber week, Amazon Prime Day, and other such occasions to finally buy your shortlisted brand of appliances. Online purchases also get you to earn cashback and gift vouchers, which can later be utilized for your next purchase.

Essential Tips to Buy Appliances :

Tips for Buying Appliances

While timing is vital, but following few tips when out for buying appliances can have fruitful purchases. Else cognitive dissonance related to your appliance purchase is a must.

1. Foresightedness: You have been using those particular products and hence you know best when it behaves normally and when it goes weird. In case you suspect that your current appliance is about to breathe its last, don’t wait until it breaks. This will avoid situations when you end up buying in haste with a hefty price. Have some foresightedness before you plan to buy.

2. Buy only if you have funds: When you know that you have to either upgrade or buy a new appliance, keep that funds ready. Only when you have that amount, go for it.

3. Compare prices: It is advisable to do a comparative analysis of the prices being offered by various stores for the same brand. Often retailers will either match or beat a competitor’s price, only if you reveal about your awareness of the price being offered elsewhere. That’s how you end up getting a good deal.

4. Check out the reviews: Always read about those customer feedbacks online. Search for them on Google and read it through to understand the nuances in the product offering. Though these days there have been several instances of paid reviews, yet you can figure out those genuine ones. Also ask around, take feedback from friends/colleagues/relatives about a particular brand and its product.

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